Replies to Media ● Dec 13, 2021

FAS response to media query on AFF Suzuki Cup 2020


“Football is the most beautiful game in the world and it can lift the spirit of the people and to galvanize the Nation. The hosting of the postponed ASC2020 will certainly demonstrate to our Asean friends that the beautiful game can still be played in a very safe and beautiful ways on a large scale.


“It also shows how we, together with all Asean countries, are emerging stronger together despite the pandemic.


“By taking on the responsibilities of hosting this edition of the Suzuki Cup amidst a pandemic, it makes a great statement of intent that, while we’re living in unprecedented times like these, if we collectively put our hearts and souls together, to get back as much as we can to normalcy and how life was before.


“Of course, there are some adjustments that need to be made for the playing parties and those who are watching as well as for the organisers but it is for the greater good.


“The competition will also draw, despite the pandemic, friends of Asean to our shores and bring the region together during such unprecedented time.”


“Three individuals from Malaysia have been discharged and allowed to resume activities as of 12 Dec 2021 while one remains in isolation. The Cambodian individual has also been discharged on 10 Dec 2021.”


“The AFF has a zero-tolerance policy towards match-fixing/football corruption. We and our very vigilant and active CPIB are on top of any match manipulation issue.


“The appropriate sanctions, including permanent ban from football activities, shall be meted out to any player or official who is convicted in a court of law or by the AFF judicial bodies for football corruption offences.


“Before the start of the tournament, all team players and officials have been briefed by the relevant local authorities on what constitutes match-fixing/football corruption and the severe consequences that come with it.”


“Players who previously tested positive for Covid-19 and subsequently have been given the all-clear by the medical authorities, are allowed to resume team activities with their respective teams.”


– Mr. Lim Kia Tong

Head of Delegation,

AFF Suzuki Cup 2020 (ASC 2020)