Replies to Media ● Jul 18, 2020

FAS response to media query on athletes’ commission


“The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) has established various Standing Committees to look into different areas of the local football ecosystem including those of current footballers. This includes the Players’ Status Committee to oversee the management and policy matters regarding both amateur and professional players’ status and registration as well as the Players’ Welfare Committee which is responsible for establishing and reviewing existing players’ welfare programmes and policy which includes bursaries, subsidies for personal development among others.


“The majority of these Standing Committees are led by and/or consist of members of the current FAS Council, of which three are ex-international players. Although retired from active play, they remain a key conduit for active players, and having gone through similar experiences themselves, they are able to relate to the current players and ensure that their interests are taken care of.


“The welfare of our current players has always been at the forefront of the FAS Council’s priorities. This year, when the COVID-19 situation caused the suspension of the Singapore Premier League, the FAS acted quickly by ensuring that no revisions made to the wages of their club players and staff at that point in time. This was achieved by means of a supplementary subsidy to be disbursed by the FAS in order to aid the clubs during this difficult period. Apart from monetary support, we introduced several initiatives to help players develop their capabilities on and off the field. Besides football-related webinars and online courses, arrangements were made to help players understand the available programmes and schemes offered by government agencies to equip them with the necessary skill sets to be future-ready. Last year, the FAS had stepped in to assist Warriors FC in various ways to resolve their financial and administration issues by making the required CPF payments of Warriors FC players and staff and further helped these affected players seek employment with other Singapore Premier League clubs. On the amateur side, we have provisions for ad-hoc committees to be formed to ensure that issues such as transfer and registration disputes of amateur players are addressed and expedited in a professional manner.


“Players’ welfare and development remains and will continue to be a key priority of the FAS and we are fully committed to ensuring that our players’ interests are adequately looked after.”


– FAS spokesman