Replies to Media ● Dec 16, 2021

FAS response to media query on Elkan Baggott


“Mr Elkan Baggot has been served with a Quarantine Order (QO) in a designated facility till 18 December 2021. This is because he was identified as a close contact (defined as someone who has spent 15 minutes or more within 2 metres of the infected individual) of a confirmed Omicron case onboard the same flight. Under Singapore’s national guidelines, all close contacts of suspected or confirmed Omicron cases will be placed on 10-day quarantine at designated facilities and they are required to undergo PCR tests at the start and end of their quarantine, even if they have been tested negative for COVID-19 so far. The quarantine period for close contact is set at 10 days since his last exposure to an infected individual as the risk of becoming a COVID case is highest in the first 10 days.


“Currently one member of the Malaysian team delegation is self-isolating in his hotel room and will continue to do so until 18 December 2021.”


– Mr. Yazeen Buhari

Deputy Chairman,

AFF Suzuki Cup 2020 (ASC 2020) Local Organising Committee