Replies to Media ● Jun 17, 2021

FAS response to media query on measures against sudden cardiac arrest


“The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) is committed to ensuring the safety of all involved in the sport and recognises the importance of continuous education on potential medical situations that may occur on the field. To ensure timely treatment in the event of sudden cardiac arrests, it is mandatory for Singapore Premier League (SPL) medical staff to be trained and certified in first aid and the use of the automated external defibrillator. All SPL, Singapore Football League, Women’s Premier League and Women’s National League matches must have an ambulance with paramedics on standby as a standard procedure.


“In line with international guidelines set out by FIFA, the FAS Competition Regulations state that players participating in the SPL are required to complete a pre-competition medical assessment. This assessment, which aims to identify players with cardiac conditions at risk for sudden cardiac arrests, involves cardiac specific physical examination, electrocardiogram and echocardiography scans as well as a review of individual and family medical history. Identified cases of cardiac anomaly will be further evaluated by the FAS Medical Committee in consultation with other specialists.


“Besides conducting yearly refresher courses for medical staff in the National Teams and SPL clubs, the FAS is in partnership with various stakeholders such as Sport Singapore and Ministry of Education to raise awareness and equip coaches, staff, players and volunteers with the necessary skills and knowledge to address cardiac emergencies and other medical situations.”


– Mohamad Haiyum Bin Jaafar, Head of Football Science and Medicine