Replies to Media ● Jul 26, 2018

FAS’ response to media query on refurbishment work done on Geylang Field for ICC tournament


“Through their consultant, PSG started their inspection on Geylang Training Centre in late June.


“Utilising a cell-system base with zoysia matrella grass, the pitch has been in immaculate condition and is one of the best for football – which is why it was identified for the ICC. Works were carried out after some tests to further improve the conditions of the pitch. These included: mowing the grass to 15mm; heavy scarifing to remove thatch material under the surface of the pitch and improve surface drainage; hollow and solid tine aeration; applying fertiliser; topdressing to inspect the pitch for areas of unlevel ground and returfing of bare areas.


“The FAS has benefitted from the expertise of the pitch consultant whom we have worked closely with to create the optimal pitch conditions for football. We hope to replicate such conditions for the Singapore Premier League competition stadiums so as to provide quality playing grounds for our domestic professional competition.”


– Mr Gerard Christopher, Deputy Director, General Secretary’s Office