Replies to Media ● Jan 12, 2019

FAS’ response to media query on the FAS Football Academy


“The FAS Football Academy (FFA), formerly known as the National Football Academy, has been an integral component in the youth development system since its inauguration in 2000.

“While the FFA has produced key players for the National Team in the past 18 years, much of our youth development efforts were concentrated on a fairly narrow pipeline of elite players coming through.

“After assessment and consultation with our stakeholders, we will be decentralising the youth development from this year on, and are in the process of ensuring that the players from the FFA teams will be able to continue their development in the sport.

“Moving forward, we will be working closely with the Singapore Premier League clubs, schools and academies to widen the base of elite players for selection towards the age-group national teams. We will also develop and administer standards for youth development, and most importantly, intensify our efforts to scout talented players for the national teams.”

– Bernard Tan, FAS Deputy President