Replies to Media ● Mar 02, 2018

FAS’ response to media query regarding Singaporean footballers’ fitness and former fitness conditioning coach


On Singaporean footballers’ fitness levels

“Fitness, amongst other factors, is one of the critical aspects required of top footballers, hence the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) is putting increased emphasis by moving into evident-based assessment of players. This will facilitate the coaches to be able to further tailor adequate programming for the players.


“We are happy and grateful to be also working with various stakeholders such as Singapore Sport Institute in order to enhance the players’ holistic development.”


– FAS Head Physiotherapist Nurhafizah Binte Abu Sujad


On Balder Berckmans

“Former FAS Fitness Conditioning Coach and Instructor Balder Berckmans was instrumental in the capability development of our fitness coaches, including Noh Rahman. With his expertise, as part of the objective to build capacity amongst our local coaches, the FAS was able to build a network for knowledge transfer with these coaches to stretch their potentials.

“Currently, Noh Rahman is overseeing the fitness of the youth and National Teams, and he is guided and complemented by Aleksandar Bozenko.”

– Acting General Secretary Yazeen Buhari