Replies to Media ● Jun 26, 2014

FAS’ response to query on Harimau Muda not getting 20% of total points available in S.League


We wish to clarify that the financial disincentive for clubs finishing in the bottom two of the S.League, and failing to record the requisite number of points, is a reduction in the subsidies that they receive from the S.League for the following season. However, unlike the other S.League clubs, the Harimau Muda do not receive any subsidies from the S.League for their participation in our domestic tournaments.

As such, even if they do not meet the required number of points this season, Harimau Muda will not experience a cut in subsidy as they do not receive any from the S.League in the first place.

Finally, the Harimau Muda side that is competing in the S.League is a developmental side, and the main aim of their participation is to chalk up competitive experience and exposure for their young players.

We are happy to see that they have pulled off some good results so far, and we believe they are capable of recording more surprise results in the final eight games of the season. We wish them all the best.