Replies to Media ● Jul 10, 2019

FAS’ response to query on Warriors FC’s late salary payments


“The FAS is gravely concerned with the manner in which the financial subsidies provided to Warriors FC (WRFC) have been administered.  There are serious questions raised over the manner in which WRFC have handled its finances, and we are working with WRFC to get to the bottom of this.

“To date, all available subsidies due to WRFC has been disbursed in accordance with the relevant disbursement timelines.

“However, since March 2019, pending a satisfactory resolution of the concerns raised, FAS has been making payments of WRFC staff and players’ monthly Central Provident Fund (CPF) contributions directly to the CPF Board.  This is paid out of the monthly subsidies due to WRFC. 

“Further, in view of the current uncertainties involving the payment of the salaries of the COE staff of the club, we are considering taking the further step of paying the salaries out from the subsidies.

“These steps are to safeguard the interests of staff and players until such time when WRFC is able to assure FAS that it will be in a position to handle its finances. We will be reaching out to WRFC on this.

“The FAS takes a serious view of financial governance in relation to our Singapore Premier League clubs adhering to proper financial governance.”

– FAS spokesman