Replies to Media ● Jun 11, 2014

FAS’ Response to Recent Online Article


A recent online report has made claims about administrative lapses in the running of the National Football League (NFL). The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) would like to clarify some facts relating to the incidents highlighted in the article.

The first incident stated in the report was with regard to the NFL Division 2 fixture between Starlight Soccerites and Bishan Barx FC at the Bukit Gombak Stadium on 26th April. The report said that our National Football Academy (NFA) Under-18 team was training at the stadium at the same time of the NFL match. We wish to clarify that both our National Teams and Competitions Departments have valid booking confirmation slips from the venue owner, and that our bookings had been made months in advance.

Normally, a double-booking would have been detected by the venue owner, through its booking system. In this case, it was not. However, both parties were able to accommodate each other to achieve a positive outcome for all. The NFA U-18 team decided to finish its training earlier, while the two NFL clubs agreed to start their match later.

In the end, the NFL clubs were also able to complete their game that evening. 

The second incident stated was the NFL match between Starlight and Siglap FC, which the report claimed had been scheduled at the same kick-off time as a friendly fixture between two social teams. We wish to highlight that this is a non-issue, as the two social teams could not produce a booking confirmation slip. The NFL fixture proceeded as scheduled, as we had made the booking in advance as per our booking Standard Operating Protocol (SOP).

The third incident mentioned was regarding the change in kick-off timing for a NFL match between Starlight Soccerites and Prisons SRC on 17th May. A player stated that he was informed of the change in timing at 9.18am on the same day. We wish to state that FAS had alerted all NFL clubs on the change in match venue and kick-off time four days before the match on 13th May.

In addition, we subsequently reminded the affected clubs about this change through email and phone calls on 15th May. In this case, the FAS had done its due diligence in informing the clubs about this change. It is the responsibility thereafter of the clubs to inform their players of any changes made.

The fourth incident refers to a complaint that a NFL match between Sembawang Sports Club and Yishun Sentek Mariners FC on 17th May was postponed after a match official failed to turn up for the game.

The FAS conducted an investigation into this after the match, and learnt that the Assistant Referee involved did not turn up due to a family tragedy. We have since counselled him on his responsibility and have taken disciplinary action against him.

We wish to state the above facts to refute the claims put out in the report, which wrongly portrays our administrative management of the NFL. The NFL remains an important part of the Singapore football fraternity and we will continue to work closely with the clubs to move the league to another level.