FAS ● Nov 20, 2022

FAS and SAFF sign Memorandum of Understanding to develop football


Both parties to collaborate in several areas, including youth National Teams and referees’ exchange, as part of two-year agreement


FAS Acting President Mr Bernard Tan (L) and SAFF President Mr Yasser Al Misehal at the MoU signing between both parties, 19 November 2022. (Photo: SAFF)


SINGAPORE, 20 NOVEMBER 2022 – The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) yesterday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Saudi Arabian Football Federation (SAFF) to further the development of football in each country as well as to strengthen ties with one another.


The two-year agreement, which begins on 1 December, will see both parties collaborate and cooperate across five main areas: youth National Teams, women’s football, technical and professional exchanges, referees and technology.


The signing ceremony took place yesterday evening, 19 November, in Doha, Qatar on the sidelines of the FIFA Executive Football Summit between FAS Acting President, Mr Bernard Tan and SAFF President, Mr Yasser Al Misehal. FAS General Secretary, Mr Yazeen Buhari and his SAFF counterpart, Mr Ibrahim Alkassim were also present to bear witness to the signing.


The MoU will provide for youth age-group National Teams from Under-15 to Under-23 level of both countries to be hosted by either party for friendly matches or tournaments, as well as opportunities for Singapore’s senior and age-group Women’s National Teams to participate in training camps in Saudi Arabia. The technical and professional exchanges will see both FAS and SAFF share expertise, courses and facilities between one another across domains such as sport facilities, league development, marketing and more. FAS referees will also be able to tap on the expertise of their SAFF counterparts, including the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) technology. Finally, both parties will share IT and data technology knowledge and know-how for mutual benefit.


L-R: SAFF General Secretary Mr Ibrahim Alkassim, FAS Acting President Mr Bernard Tan, SAFF President Mr Yasser Al Misehal, FAS General Secretary Mr Yazeen Buhari, 19 November 2022. (Photo: SAFF)


FAS Acting President, Mr Bernard Tan, said: “We are delighted to sign this MoU with our Saudi Arabian counterparts in order to help Singapore football progress. Saudi Arabia are one of Asia’s best men’s football teams at youth level; they are the reigning Asian champions at both Under-23 and Under-19 level and also qualified for the most recent Olympic Games and next year’s FIFA Under-20 World Cup, for example. In terms of women’s football, their senior National Team played their first ever match earlier this February and we believe that both parties hold similar aspirations and goals for the future of the women’s game in this aspect. With the SAFF’s expertise in football development at both youth and senior levels, we are confident that this MoU will be a beneficial and fruitful one, and are fully committed to actively cooperating and collaborating on a regular basis to strengthen our excellent relations.”


SAFF President, Mr Yasser Al Misehal, said: “We are extremely pleased to embark on an exciting new chapter of collaboration with our friends at the Football Association of Singapore. As a fellow Asian Football Confederation member association, our relationship stretches many years and we are proud to have strengthened and formalised it today. Football in Singapore is going through a transformation and we both share massive ambitions for the future to nurture male and female talent and compete on the biggest global stages. FAS’ Unleash the Roar! Project shares many similarities with our 10-year football transformation strategy launched last year. It represents an excellent example of grassroots development and how multiple entities can come together to grow the beautiful game in the country. We look forward to a bright future together and to continuously share knowledge and best practice across the women’s game, youth development, refereeing and technology.”





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