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FAS conducts second Introductory Coaching Course


Group photo at FAS Introductory Coaching Course, November 2022


SINGAPORE, 6 DECEMBER 2022 – The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) has successfully concluded a second Introductory Coaching Course this year, following on from the first earlier this March.


Held over two weekends in November spanning the 19th, 20th, 26th and 27th, the course was conducted for 26 participants, all of whom are members of ActiveSG and SportCares.


FAS Coach Developers, Mr Herman Zailani and Mr Loh Nigiap Tai, oversaw the course at the Jalan Besar Stadium, along with four Assistant Coach Developers: Abdul Musawir, Toni Teo, Mohamed Hanafiah Bin Al-Sofli and Shasi Kumar.



The FAS Introductory Coaching Course is a standalone course that equips participants with the basic knowledge and skills for coaching. The course comprises both theory and practical sessions and is a pre-requisite for the FAS/Asian Football Confederation (AFC) ‘C‘ Diploma Coaching Course. More information on the Introductory Coaching Course can be found here.


The course covered topics such as Coaching Process, S.M.I.L.E.S, Coaching Methods, Training Resources and methods of organising a coaching session. Participants also had to plan and deliver a session with constructive feedback from the Coach Developers.


All sessions were recorded by their group members, where participants can conduct self-analysis and track their personal progress after each session.



The participants reacted positively to the course, with many lauding it as a great platform to hone their skills.


Balestier Khalsa FC midfielder Ammirul Emmran, who coaches at the ActiveSG Toa Payoh Sports Centre, told FAS: “This is only my first step into coaching and with the support and guidance from experienced Coach Developers, I have gained perspectives on coaching and focusing on developing sessions/programmes for young players.”


The 27-year-old added: “I believe that the FAS Introductory Coaching Course was a good platform to experience what a ‘C’ Diploma Course will be like and also an opportunity to learn from my fellow peers.”



Ammirul Emmran (Middle)


Fellow participant, Elizabeth Tan, a student, echoes the sentiment, adding that the course helped her to gain “a better understanding and appreciation of all the work that goes into being a football coach”. The 20-year-old is also a coach at ActiveSG Bedok.


Elizabeth Tan (third from left) 


Abdul Thaslim, a 24-year-old technician who is a coach for SportCares, added: “During the Introductory course, we were tasked to come out with a session plan followed by executing it and then a constructive feedback session with the Coach Developers. The knowledge I gained throughout the course will help me to be a better coach and I will apply what I learnt in future coaching sessions.”


Coach Developer Loh Ngiap Tai.


Coach Developer Loh felt that it was encouraging that the participants were keen to expand their coaching knowledge. “We hope each of the participants took away key learnings for themselves and was able to appreciate the effort needed to be a successful coach,” he said. “We wish each of them the best in their journey to be a coach.”


Mr Zainudeen Hassan


FAS Head of Coach Education and Development, Mr Zainudeen Hassan, reiterated the significance of the course to nurture the budding interest of these participants: “Most of the coaches came in with Grassroots coaching experience and the FAS Introductory Coaching Course is set to identify and groom course participants for the FAS/AFC ‘C’ Diploma Coaching Course (SG-Coach Level 1 Full Integration).


“It is important for all coaches to continue their coaching practice and find a mentor-coach who will assist in their development.”



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