Replies to Forum ● Apr 17, 2013

FAS will continue to assist in fund-raising campaign


We refer to Mr Raymond Anthony Fernando’s letter, “FAS, MSF should support efforts to help ex-FAS chief” (April 15).


We agree with the sentiments of many fans who consider the eight-year chairmanship of Mr N. Ganesan – from 1974 to 1981 – as one of the best eras in the history of Singapore football. Indeed, Mr Ganesan is among those who have contributed immensely to the development and progress of Singapore football.


The Football Association of Singapore (FAS), including President Zainudin Nordin, assisted in fund-raising efforts early last year when we learnt about his medical condition. The funds raised were channelled to the N. Ganesan Trust Fund, which was set up by his family members and friends to ensure that Mr Ganesan receives the appropriate nursing care required.


As part of our efforts to support the fund-raising campaign this year, we sought contributions from our stakeholders and have also pledged our support to an upcoming fund-raising dinner. In addition, we have also finalised an arrangement with LionsXII and the S.League clubs, under which they will contribute to the fund-raising campaign. All funds raised will again be channelled to the N. Ganesan Trust Fund.


FAS always values and appreciates the contributions of those, including Mr Ganesan, who have made a difference to the sport not only in Singapore but in Asia as well. We have always assisted those in need to the best of our abilities, although we always do so privately out of respect for the privacy of the families.


We take this opportunity to seek the support from more well-wishers which will greatly assist both Mr Ganesan and his family as he continues his recovery.