Coaching ● Jul 26, 2023

Fifth of six-part FAS/AFC ‘A’ Diploma Coaching Course concluded



Hougang United U-17 team were some of the external players who assisted to create realism for the course participants for their practical assessments, June 2023. 


SINGAPORE, 26 JULY 2023 – The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) recently concluded the fifth of the six-part FAS/Asian Football Confederation (AFC) ‘A’ Diploma Coaching Course.


Held from 23 June to 27 June at Jalan Besar Stadium, the course was conducted under the mentorship of Lead Coach Developer, Mr Philippe Aw, and Assistant Coach Developer, Mr Robin Chitrakar, with a total of 22 participants.


The Coach Developers dived into theory topics such as “Club Management – Dealing with Stakeholders” and “Nutrition & Hydration”. Course participants were also assessed through a theory exam.


Course Participant, Mr Koichiro Iizuka taking the theory exam, June 2023. 


The practical sessions were focused on their second practical assessment of the course. Participants underwent video and audio recording during their assessments. These recordings were later shared individually with the participants for their feedback sessions with the Coach Developers.



Guest speaker, Mr Sukhbir Singh from FAS’s Referee Department presented a topic on “Laws of the Game” where course participants were also assessed on the recent changes to the Laws of the Game.


External players from the U17 teams of Geylang International, Balestier Khalsa and Hougang United, as well as FootballPlus Academy assisted to create realism for the course participants for their practical assessment.


Course Participant Mr Koichiro Iizuka also said : “First of all, I would like to say a big thank you for the wonderful experience in this FAS/AFC ‘A’ Diploma Coaching Course. Every moment was a great learning experience for my coaching journey. I have a massive appreciation for all people who were involved in this course, especially the Coach Developers and the FAS Coach Education & Development Department. I’ve always asked myself what it means to be a coach and what I can do as a coach to help my team ( e.g. players and officials) succeed. Through the guidance of the Coach Developers and experiences shared by the course participants, I have realised how I can improve myself from here on.”


Course participant Mohamed Afiq Bin Mohamed Yahya told FAS: “By breaking the FAS/AFC ‘A’ Diploma Coaching Course into 6 different parts has been an insightful and fruitful learning experience for me. Since the start of the course, I felt my confidence and progression as a coach increased gradually through the guidance of both Coach Developers. They allowed us to take ownership of our practical sessions while pointing out ways how we can improve along the way. The theory topics covered by both Coach Developers were also innovative, interesting and informative. I felt that the course was done in a positive learning environment through the effort of everyone involved in the course. I’m looking forward to applying what I’ve learnt so far and putting them into practice during the final part of the course”.


Mohamed Afiq Bin Mohamed Yahya during the practical assessment, June 2023. 


Lead Coach Developer, Mr Phillipe Aw said: “I’ve seen the growth in the course participants since we started this course last year. As the course participants now return to their own environment, there will be continuous mentorship which will be very important to their learning and development.”


Head Coach of Education and Development, Mr Zainudeen Hassan concluded: “In line with FIFA’s and AFC’s Coach Education recommendations, we’ve adopted a progressive delivery model in all our courses (FAS/AFC ‘C’ Diploma (SG-Coach Level 1 Full Integration, FAS/AFC ‘B’ Diploma (SG-Coach Level 2 Full Integration) Coaching Course, FAS/AFC ‘A’ Diploma Coaching Course, and FAS/AFC ‘Pro” Diploma Coaching Course). It was pleasing to see our course participants finishing up part 5 of the course in a much-relaxed manner. This is due to the course being run in 6 parts with tasks and assignments given to them along the way. We looked forward to the course participants putting into practice the knowledge they have gained and also to them sharing with other coaches in the coaching fraternity.”


The course participants will now proceed with Part 6 of the course where they will need to submit all assigned assignments of the course and to have a practical assessment in their coaching environment within the next 5 months.



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