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First edition of FAS Grassroots Coaching Course (Women’s) concluded



16 participants took part in the second edition of the FAS Grassroots Coaching Course (Women’s), May 2024.


SINGAPORE, 16 JUNE 2024 – The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) recently concluded the first-ever FAS Grassroots Coaching Course (Women’s) last month. Held from 18 to 20 May 2024, the course was conducted specifically for aspiring female coaches. This groundbreaking initiative leads the way in supporting and empowering women in grassroots football, standing as a beacon for diversity and inclusivity within coaching circles.


The course welcomed 16 aspiring female coaches, providing them with an enriching learning experience at the Lion City Sailors Training Centre. Led by Lead Coach Developer Ms. Yeong Sheau Shyan and Assistant Coach Developer Mr. Toni Teo, the course aimed to further equip participants with essential coaching skills.


This iteration of the course offered participants a diverse curriculum covering both theoretical and practical aspects of coaching. From refining coaching techniques to understanding child development, the course provided valuable insights to support the growth of female coaches in the grassroots football scene.



Course participant Nurul’ Ain (first yellow bib from the right) in a practical session, May 2024. 



Course participant Ms. Nurul ‘Ain Binte Azman praised the course for its depth and the supportive learning environment fostered by Coach Developers: “Being part of the first-ever women’s FAS Grassroots Coaching Course has truly been an honour. The course has a good mix of both theory and practical sessions, while contextualised to the grassroots setting – which is to inculcate the love of football in the community. Beyond football, our Coach Developers guided us through our thinking process to consider the social, psychological and physical development, and to take all these into consideration in our coaching plan. We even had the chance to conduct a training session during the participant-led session and were provided with good and timely feedback from our Coach Developers, who were able to guide us well due to their years of experience. This course helps broaden my mind to the possibilities of grassroots football in shaping football development in Singapore”.


Course participant Ms. Ang Kuan Ren in a theoretical session, May 2024. 


Course participant Ms. Ang Kuan Ren reflected similar sentiments, adding: “As most of the course participants were working adults, the duration and timing of the course was kind to our schedules. The course was well-organised and informative, covering concepts on fundamental coaching techniques all the way to planning and executing our own session, complete with group feedback. Our Coach Developers were engaging, and attentive, and we truly benefited from their wealth of experience and passion for grassroots coaching. The class size was perfect and we bonded really well as a group over the three days. I’m looking forward to more like-minded ladies enrolling in this programme and making a difference in grassroots football in Singapore!”


Lead Coach Developer Ms. Yeong Sheau Shyan noted the camaraderie among participants and their eagerness to learn and grow: “This was a very meaningful course for me as a coach developer. Many of the course participants had similar experiences growing up wanting to play football but having limited opportunities. There was a strong sense of camaraderie in the class and the ladies were very keen to learn. It’s a good sign as we definitely need more female coaches in our community. I hope they will be able to make a positive impact soon”.


Coach Yeong Sheau Shyan (wearing red) in a practical session, May 2024. 


After the course, participants will undergo practical attachments at football academies, further refining their skills and translating theory into practice.


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