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Fourth part of 2023 FAS/AFC ‘B’ Diploma (SG-Coach Level 2 Full Integration) Coaching course concluded



Course participant Andi Agus Salam Kahar presents his season plan interview, September 2023. 


SINGAPORE, 6 NOVEMBER 2023 – The Coaching and Education (CED) Department recently concluded the 2023 FAS/AFC ‘B’ Diploma (SG-Coach Level 2 Full Integration) Coaching Course (Part 4). The course was held at ITE College Central from the 16 to 21 September 2023, with 22 participants in attendance.


The course was conducted under the mentorship of Lead Coach Developer, Mr. Subramani Shunmugham, and Assistant Coach Developer, Mr. Loh Ngiap Tai, who guided the participants through a comprehensive curriculum split into three segments: Pre-Course, In-Course, and Post-Course. Part 4 marked the culmination of the In-Course segment, focusing on rigorous theory and practical assessments.


During this stage, participants engaged in various theory assessments, including an examination, a season plan interview, and a match analysis presentation. One of the highlights of this part was the second practical assessment, with participants having to complete a total of three practical assessments for the course. To ensure a thorough evaluation, their coaching sessions were videoed, and audio recorded. The recorded files were then shared with the participants individually for constructive feedback sessions with the Coach Developers.


In the Post-Course segment, participants will proceed to their third practical assessment in their coaching environments. This time, they will self-record their coaching sessions and submit them to Coach Developers for further evaluation and feedback. Additionally, they will be required to pass the Intermediate Sport Science exam.


Course participant Mr. Muhammad Hafeez Shahni Husni (in white) in a practical session, September 2023. 


Upon successful completion of all assessments, participants will be awarded the FAS/AFC ‘B’ Diploma (SG-Coach Level 2 Full Integration).


Mr Muhammad Nurhilmi Jasni reflect the profound impact of the course on his coaching journey: “This course has been a remarkable experience. The theory session on football-specific topics, periodization, and identifying football problems was intellectually enriching, providing participants with a profound understanding of the sport. What stood out the most was the spirit of teamwork throughout the course. The positive and collaborative learning environment fostered by both Coach Developers and fellow course participants made this journey not only educational but also deeply enjoyable.”


Mr. Muhammad Hafeez Shahni Husni shared similar sentiments, adding: “The FAS/AFC ‘B’ Diploma (SG-Coach Level 2 Full Integration) has been an enriching and transformative experience. The course provided a comprehensive understanding of coaching methodologies, tactics, and player development. Through participant-led sessions, I honed my communication skills, learned effective strategies for team management, and gained insights into the intricacies of the game. The course’s emphasis on practical training drills and real-time feedback has greatly improved my coaching abilities. Additionally, networking with fellow coaches and sharing experiences has been invaluable. The course has not only deepened my passion for the sport but also equipped me with the knowledge and skills to make a positive impact on players and teams.”


Course participant Muhammad Nurhilmi Jasmi conducting his work mentoring experience reflection, September 2023. 


Lead Coach Developer Mr. Subramani Shunmugham expressed his admiration for the dedication and perseverance displayed by the participants during the four parts of the In-Course segment, despite the challenges and demanding nature of the program: “Great to see the effort put in by the participants throughout the 4 parts of the In-Course segment of the course. Even though it was exhausting and challenging for them, they took it in their stride and managed to complete this part of the course. What’s pleasing for us as Coach Developers, was the amount of dedication and perseverance shown by them, as well as the willingness to take in the feedback constructively and make the necessary progress.”


Technical Director Mr Michael Browne concluded: “FAS would like to thank ITE College Central for their assistance and the provision of facilities for us to conduct this course. It was great to complete the In-Course segment of our inaugural FAS/AFC ‘B’ Diploma (SG-Coach Level 2 Full Integration) Coaching Course. Moving forward, the football-related elements of our FAS/AFC ‘B’ Diploma courses are now integrated with learning content from CoachSG, which will enhance the learning experience for course participants.”


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