Football Science ● Jul 31, 2023

First ever FSAM Masterclass concluded


Inaugural FSAM Masterclass course, 27 June 2023.


SINGAPORE, 31 JULY 2023 – The Football Science and Medicine (FSAM) department organised and concluded its first-ever Masterclass on Optimising Football Performance, which took place on 27th June 2023 at the Seminar Room in the Annex Building of Jalan Besar Stadium. The event targeted professionals from all nine Singapore Premier League (SPL) clubs, aiming to enhance their expertise in football coaching and youth development.




The FSAM Masterclass invitation targeted the First Team Head or Assistant Coach, a First Team Fitness Coach, and a Head of Youth Development or Youth Coach. A total of 27 participants attended the Masterclass, representing all 9 SPL clubs (including FSAM staff). DPMM Head Coach, Assistant Coach and Sports Scientist were one of the participants that attended the session.



Participants during the FSAM Masterclass, 27 June 2023



Leading the Masterclass was Firdaus Maasar, the Head of the FSAM department. The event featured a guest speaker, Dr Thomas Brownlee, from the renowned University of Birmingham, who presented on the topic of “Optimising Football Performance.”




Dr Brownlee’s presentation covered essential areas such as Sports Science Club Organisation/Structure, Periodization, Strength and Conditioning, and Nutrition.  For this session, club officials were encouraged to share their practices at club level and seek clarity on their current structures; to achieve the utmost benefits for their player’s on-field football performances.



Dr Thomas Brownlee giving his presentation, 27 June 2023



Head of Youth Development for Albirex Niigata (S) Marçal Trulls shares that the class has been beneficial and enjoyable for him: “I really enjoyed FSAM’s Masterclass. I hope to see more masterclasses like these in the future, because I believe that this will be a great contribution in improving Singapore football in the long run”.



Physiotherapist for FAS-FSAM, Alif Jamal, expressed similar sentiments: “Dr Brownlee presented a movement screening tool that can be utilized to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of players. This tool enables the development of personalized exercise programs for the players, which can help to lower the risk of musculoskeletal injuries.”





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