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Future of football coaching in Singapore and re-licensing


A group photo at one of the dialogue sessions, 2022


SINGAPORE, 10 JANUARY 2023 – As football coaches, it is important to keep up to date with the latest developments and constantly upgrade oneself where relevant – a fact that the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) Coach Education and Development (CED) department fully recognises and encourages.


Since September 2022, the FAS CED department has conducted a total of 10 dialogue sessions (both physical and virtual) regarding the future of football coaching in Singapore as well as the importance of having a valid coaching license to practice football coaching here. The sessions introduced coaches to the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Coaching License, as stipulated by the AFC Coaching Convention Regulations, and the Continuous Coach Education (CCE) programme.


Continuing Coach Education (CCE) is important as it offers coaches opportunities to continuously upskill and keep up to date with current trends, methods and practices. As such, FAS CED will take the initiative to offer football-related CCE programmes, which will allow coaches to clock their learning hours. A variety of topics will be covered, including National Coaching philosophy, National Playing Philosophy, Changes to Laws of The Game, Fitness Testing in Football and more, while there will also be sharing sessions by coaches.


These CCE programmes will officially start in March 2023 and the first session will be delivered by FAS Technical Director, Mr Michael Browne. Details will be shared to all coaches in due course, and initial sentiment has been positive.


A dialogue session, 2022


“I believe that football-related CCE programmes will allow coaches to upgrade via short courses and keep up to date with the modern trends in football,” said Mr Yem Haslii, a FAS/AFC ‘C’ Diploma Coaching holder since 2019. “I am looking forward to engaging in the upcoming CCE programs with FAS.”


Mr Murugan Balamurali, a FAS/AFC C Diploma Coaching holder since 2022, added: “Coaching is a lifelong journey of learning. It is beneficial for all coaches to access and attend the various workshops and seminars that FAS conducts to improve and stay abreast of updates within the industry!”


Mr Yakob Hashim, a FAS/AFC A Diploma Coaching holder who has been coaching since 1986, said: “As a football coach for 36 years, it is crucial for us to always be up-to-date and constantly never stop learning. With our enhanced ideas, experience and enthusiasm in the game, we are then able to deliver the best football programmes and transfer knowledge to our young generation. I am fully supportive of the CCE programmes that FAS will be embarking on in 2023.”


Mr Zainudeen Hassan, Head of FAS CED, said: “FAS wishes to reiterate that Continuing Coach Education will play an integral role in our football coaching development today and in the future. We hope that football coaches practicing their trade in Singapore continue to keep abreast with their knowledge by engaging in CCE programmes that FAS Coach Education and Development will organise in 2023.


“We have lined up experienced individuals who are going to devote their time in ensuring that our coaches are well-informed and knowledgeable to deliver the very best football education for your next generation.”


Going forward, all football coaches are required to be registered under the National Registry of Coaches (NROC) by June 2023 as football coach licensing in Singapore will commence soon. To do so, please head to the link HERE. Furthermore, for the year 2023, FAS CED requests for all coaches in Singapore to update their profile via the link provided HERE. For any enquiries, please email us at [email protected].




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