Coaching ● Oct 21, 2016

Grooming Future Grassroots Football Coaches


Grooming Future Grassroots Football Coaches 

The People’s Association (PA) and Football Association of Singapore (FAS) came together again to organise the second PA-FAS Grassroots Football Coaching Course, spanning across two weekends – 15-16 and 22-23 October 2016 – to groom Community Sports Club (CSC) volunteers to be grassroots football coaches.

With over 30 centres island-wide and close to 3,000 children playing football on weekends in the PAssion Kids Soccer Programme, the FAS is pleased to partner PA in grooming more volunteers to coach in grassroots football.

FAS Technical Director Michel Sablon gave an opening address at last Saturday’s session, where he highlighted the vital role which grassroots coaches play in helping to cultivate and instill the love for football in children. He further shared FAS’ development philosophies with the participants and informed them of future plans.

Mohamed Basir, FAS Head of Coach Education, agreed on the importance of grassroots coaches.

Said Basir: “Grassroots coaches play a very crucial and specialised role in football and we hope to share with them the appropriate coaching styles, practices and methodologies suited for coaching children based on age and ability. We also inculcate our football philosophies and facilitate them to better manage young children and situations.”

“We use reality-based, experiential teaching and learning methods in our courses to enhance our participants’ learning. These approaches have been effective in allowing us to achieve our objectives” he added.

In addition to grooming more coaches, FAS also invited potential tutors for the future, amongst them, Lim Tong Hai and Philippe Aw, to observe and experience how the FAS Grassroots course is delivered. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and garnered several takeaways.

“It was a privilege for me to be invited to observe how the tutors delivered the coaching course. Football is about continuous learning and I have picked up good knowledge,” said Philippe Aw, Head of Youth Development at Home United FC.

Former Singapore international Lim Tong Hai concurred: “I think that this is an excellent platform for PA parent volunteers to learn and for coaches to share the appropriate ways of conducting a football session.”

Participants will gather again this weekend to complete the coaching course, which is facilitated by Mohamed Basir, and delivered by Lead Tutor Mohammad Herman with co-tutors Kamarudzaman bin Zainal Abidin, Muhammad Jaslee Hatta and Muhammad Razif Ariff.