Domestic Competitions ● Apr 18, 2022

Inaugural Security Officer Course concluded



SINGAPORE, 18 APRIL 2022 – The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) concluded the inaugural FAS and AIA Singapore Premier League (SPL) Security Officer Course last weekend.


Held over two Saturdays at Jalan Besar Stadium by Leacov, a local security training firm, the course was tailored towards security requirements for SPL matches and all other football events hosted here.


The 12 participants, which consisted of staff from the FAS and each SPL club, learned about three main areas of security: stadium safety, crowd management and incident response.



The course, set to be held annually, was initiated by the FAS Competitions’ department to fulfil Asian Football Confederation (AFC) and SPL club licensing regulations that requires Host clubs to have a certified security officer.


FAS Competitions’ Head of Security Henry Chua said: “It is important that we continue to equip ourselves with knowledge on how to better manage security at football events, as we unreservedly prioritise the safety of our players, staff and fans. It is also the first step forward for our club representatives to better handle and resolve any situations that may occur at events.”


Haslinda Shariff, 50, who received her first certification in security for her work with SPL club Young Lions, said: “The course was comprehensive, allowing me to have a deeper insight on how to handle certain issues should they arise. With that, I have the gained necessary skills and knowledge in implementing the appropriate measures when facing difficult situations. For instance, to ensure stadium safety and security management, I have learnt the methods for crowd control and the equipment needed. Also, should a fire evacuation occur, I will adhere to the incident response plan and protocol to execute the management effectively.”


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