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FAS Introductory Coaching Course for SFL officials concluded



23 Singapore Football League (SFL) club officials recently participated in the FAS Introductory Coaching Course, July 2023. 


SINGAPORE, 7 AUGUST 2023 – The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) recently concluded the FAS Introductory Coaching Course (ICC) for Singapore Football League (SFL) club officials last month.


Held on 11, 13, 18 and 20 July at Singapore Sports School and Jalan Besar Stadium respectively, the course was conducted under the mentorship of the Lead Coach Developer, Mr Toni Teo, and the Assistant Coach Developer, Mr Robin Chitrakar, with a total of 23 participants.


During the 4-day course, various theoretical topics were covered, including “FAS National Playing Philosophy” and “Coaching Profession.” Additionally, the Coach Developers led practical sessions on subjects such as “Introduction of S.M.I.L.E.S.” and “Organizing a Coaching Session.”


SFL club officials in session, July 2023.


As part of the practical aspect, participants had the opportunity to lead their own sessions. Before conducting their practical sessions, each participant had a consultation session with the Coach Developers. During this session, they discussed and refined their session plans to ensure they were well-prepared before implementation.


During the practical sessions, while one participant was conducting their session, another participant took a video of them. These videos will be used for self-review and evaluation among the participants before the feedback session with both Coach Developers later on.


Course participant Mr Ong Kian Ann praised the structure of the course, adding that the comprehensive learning experience allowed him and other participants to enhance their coaching skills in a supportive and enjoyable environment: “The 4 days course enables us to set clear objective for each training session pertaining to game play to ensure the players and coaches are aligned on the outcome of the training session. That way, the sessions are all planned according to what is being set out.  Trainings need to have an element of fun so players look forward to it and take learning in an enjoyable manner.  This set us up well in preparation for the FAS/AFC ‘C’ Diploma Coaching Course.”


Course participant Ms F Nathasha Lopez in the session, July 2023. 


Another course participant, Ms F Nathasha Lopez shared similar sentiments: “The overall experience equipped me as both a grassroots coach and a Football player by providing concepts and rationale behind coaching philosophies and player learnings. The value of the course for me is that now with an introductory theory-practical based understanding, I have a baseline of coaching principles to put into practice in practical sessions in preparation for the FAS/AFC ‘C’ Diploma Coaching Course.”


Head Coach of Education and Development, Mr Zainudeen Hassan concluded: “We are pleased to organize this series of ICC for our affiliates starting with the SFL 1 & SFL 2 Clubs. Understanding the constrains of working adults we ran this course in the evenings, and it was well received. The Coaches will now go on to do their attachments and prepare themselves to undertake the ‘C’ Diploma.”


The Coach Education and Development Department will look into conducting another FAS ICC targeting FAS’s associates and ordinary members. More details will be announced in due course.



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