FAS ● Jan 21, 2019

[CLOSED] Invitation to Tender for Provision of Unarmed Security Protection Officer Services


SINGAPORE, 21 JANUARY 2019 – The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) hereby invites companies to participate in the tender to provide unarmed security protection officer services (Tender no. FAS/COMP/2018/12/01).

Companies are required to read and complete the following documents to submit their tender proposal:

1. Invitation to Tender

2. Instructions To Tenderers

3. Conditions of Contract

4. Requirements, Specifications & Evaluation Criteria

5. Particulars of Tenderer Form and Tender Form

6. Banker’s Guarantee

The Particulars of Tenderer form, Form of Tender, Schedule to Form of Tender and all other supporting documents of the Tender Document should be submitted no later than 4.00 pm (Singapore Time) on 28 January 2019.