Grassroots ● Jan 30, 2014

Junior Centre of Excellence Trials (Girls aged 10 and 11)


SINGAPORE, 30 January 2014: The Football Association of Singapore will be conducting inaugural trials for its Junior Centre of Excellence (JCOE) for Girls.


The trials will be for girls aged 10 and 11, with the following details:


1) Trials for 10 year olds (Born in year 2004) :

Date: 8 February 2014

Venue: Queensway Secondary School

Registration time: 2.30 pm


2) Trials for 11 year olds (Born in year 2003)

Date: 15 February 2014

Venue: Queensway Secondary School

Registration: 2.30 pm


The aim of  the JCOE is to identify and groom our most promising young talents from the earliest age possible, and have them develop under the  tutelage of our AFC-certified coaches.


Below are some important details to note for the trials:

1)    Trialists must bring their own training attire ( jerseys, short, socks, boots and shin pads are compulsory).

2)    Trialists must put on proper shoes when reporting and registration (no slippers or sandals are allowed in the school premises). Other rules of the school apply.

3)    Trialists are not advised to bring in valuable items, including excessive cash.

4)    Trialists must have adequate rest, proper nutrition and hydrate themselves before reporting and registering for the trial.

5)    Trialists, who are not feeling well or carrying any injuries or knocks, should not attend the trial.

6)    Latecomers will not be entertained.

7)    Trialists must be on their best behaviour at all times

8)    Trialists must leave the school premises once they have finished their trials



The nearest MRT Station is EW19 Queenstown MRT and EW20 Commonwealth MRT (10 minutes walk to the school)

You can take SBS Transit Service 32 (direct to the school)


FAS and Queensway Secondary school will not be responsible or liable for any injuries, loss of valuable items or theft.

FAS reserves the right to refuse trialists who do not follow the rules above.