FAS ● Sep 03, 2019

Meridian complete U14 title sweep at Inter-School Futsal Challenge 2019


SINGAPORE, 3 SEPTEMBER 2019 – Meridian Secondary emerged as the big winners of the Under-14 edition of the Singapore Pools-Football Association of Singapore (FAS) Inter-School Futsal Challenge (ISFC) 2019 on Monday evening, 2 September, as they swept both the boys’ and girls’ titles.

Meridian (A) dethroned holders Bartley Secondary in the boys’ Cup Final by a 2-1 scoreline at the OCBC Arena, while Meridian (B) edged Dunman Secondary 1-0 to claim the first ever girls’ U14 Cup trophy.

FAS President, Mr Lim Kia Tong, was on hand to present the prizes to the top four teams from each of the boys’ Cup, Plate and Bowl categories, as well as the top four girls’ teams in the Cup and Plate categories.The final day was the culmination of the U-14 category that got underway on 14 August, which started with 40 boys’ teams and 10 girls’ teams.

The U10 category had ended earlier this month, with Tanjong Katong and Haig Girls’ emerging as the overall winners.

Congratulations to the winners and well done to all participants!

The full list of results can be found below.

2 September
Boys Cup
Champions: Meridian (A)
Runners-up: Bartley
Third: Bendemeer (Z)
Fourth: Jurongville (B)
Bendemeer (Z) beat Jurongville (B) 2-0 in third/fourth play-off

Girls Cup
Champions: Meridian (B)
Runners-up: Dunman
Third: Boon Lay
Fourth: Yuying
Boon Lay beat Yuying 2-0 on penalties after a 0-0 draw in the third/fourth play-off

Boys Plate

Champions: Seng Kang (B)
Runners-up: Dunearn
Third: Bedok South (C)
Fourth: Bendemeer (X)
Bedok South (C) beat Bendemeer (X) 2-1 on penalties after a 1-1 draw in the third/fourth play-off

Girls Plate
Champions: Broadrick
Runners-up: Bedok South
Broadrick beat Bedok South 4-0 in the final
Third: Methodist Girls’
Fourth: Bedok South (B)
Methodist Girls’ beat Bedok South (B) 2-1 in the third/fourth play-off
Boys Bowl

Champions: Yuying
Runners-up: Regent (B)
Third: Meridian (C)
Fourth: Regent
Meridian (C) beat Regent 2-1 in the third/fourth play-off

Boys’ Cup, Bowl, Plate semi-finals
30 August
Meridian (A) 5-1 Jurongville (B)
Bendemeer (Z) 2-4 Bartley

Bedok South (C) 1-2 Dunearn
Bendemeer (X) 2-3 Seng Kang (B)

Regent 0-1 Regent (B)
Meridian (C) 2(1)-(2)2 Yuying

Boys’ Cup Challenge

28 August

Meridian (A) 2-0 Hua Yi
Jurongville (B) 2-1 Boon Lay
Bendemeer (Z) 3-0 Bendemeer (Y)
Bartley 5-2 Queensway

Girls’ Plate Second Round

26 August
Methodist Girls’ 5-0 Deyi
Broadrick 3-0 Bedok South
Bedok South 2-0 Deyi
Broadrick 6-0 Bedok South (B)
Bedok South (B) 1-0 Deyi
Bedok South 2-0 Methodist Girls’
Broadrick 6-0 Deyi
Methodist Girls’ 1-0 Bedok South (B)
Broadrick 2-1 Methodist Girls’
Bedok South (B) 0-1 Bedok South

Boys’ Second Round
29 August
Bowl Group C
Seng Kang (A) 2-4 Bedok South (B)
Yuying 2-1 Seng Kang (A)
Bedok South (B) 1-2 Tanjong Katong
Tanjong Katong 2-4 Yuying
Yuying 5-2 Bedok South (B)
Tanjong Katong 3-2 Seng Kang (A)

28 August
Bowl Group B (play-off will be conducted between top two teams as they are tied)
Kent Ridge (A) 0-1 Bowen
Bowen 1-1 Meridian (C)
Kent Ridge (A) 3-0 Westwood
Meridian (C) 1-0 Kent Ridge (A)
Westwood 0-3 Meridian (C)
Bowen 3-0 Westwood

Bowl Group D
SSTS 0-3 Bedok South
Bedok South 1-5 Regent
Rengent 3-0 SSTS
SSTS (B) 0-3 Regent
Bedok South 3-0 SSTS (B)

26 August
Bowl Group A
St Patrick’s 1-2 Regent
Regent 2-1 Hougang (B)
St Patrick’s 5-0 Kent Ridge
Hougang (B) 0-4  St Patrick’s
Kent Ridge 1-4 Hougang (B)
Regent 3-1 Kent Ridge

23 August
Top two teams in each Cup Group advance to Cup quarter-finals
Cup Group C
Guangyang 1-2 Queensway (A)
Jurongville (B) 2-0 Bendemeer (Y)
Guangyang 1-5 Jurongville (B)
Bendemeer (Y) 1-0 Queensway (A)
Guangyang 1-2 Bendemeer (Y)
Queensway (A) 2-4 Jurongville (B)

Cup Group D
Bartley 6-0 Meridian (B)
Meridian (B) 0-2 Hua Yi
Bartley 6-1 Presbyterian High
Hua Yi 0-4 Bartley
Presbyterian High 0-2 Hua Yi
Meridian (B) 3-1 Presbyterian High

21 August
Top two teams in each Cup Group advance to Cup quarter-finals, top team in each Plate and Bowl Group advance to respective semi-finals
Cup Group A
Meridian (A) 7-1 Spectra
Spectra 1-3 Queensway (B)
Meridian (A) 5-1 Kent Ridge
Queensway (B) 0-5 Meridian (A)
Kent Ridge (B) 0-4 Queensway (B)
Spectra 3-0 Kent Ridge (B)

Cup Group B

Boon Lay 0-1 Hougang (A)
Hougang (A) 2-4 Bendemeer (Z)
Boon Lay 2-1 Jurongville (A)
Bendemeer (Z) 1-2 Boon Lay
Jurongville (A) 1-2 Bendemeer (Z)
Hougang (A) 3-3 Jurongville (A)

Plate Group A

Seng Kang 3-3 Victoria
Seng Kang 3-0 Assumption
Bedok South 2-1 Victoria
Assumption 1-0 Victoria
Bedok South (C) 2-0 Assumption
Bedok South (C) 1-1 Seng Kang

Plate Group B

Jurongville (C) 2-4 Bendemeer (X)
Bendemeer (X) 3-2 Dunearn
Jurongville (C) 0-1 North Vista
Dunearn 8-1 Jurongville (C)
North Vista 0-3 Dunearn
Bendemeer (X) 2-1 North Vista
Girls’ Group Stages
Top two in each group advance to Cup semi-finals, bottom three in each group go to Plate Round.
19 August
Group A1
Yuying 1-1 Boon Lay
Bedok South 1-0 Deyi
Yuying 1-2 Deyi
Bedok South 4-2 Broadrick
Broadrick 0-2 Yuying
Deyi 0-2 Boon Lay
Bedok South 0-1 Yuying
Broadrick 6-1 Boon Lay
Bedok South 0-3 Boon Lay
Broadrick 6-1 Deyi

21 August
Group B1
Meridian (B) 1-1 Meridian (A)
Methodist Girls’ 0-2 Bedok South (B)
Meridian (B) 2-1 Methodist Girls’
Meridian (A) 1-2 Dunman
Meridian (B) 0-1 Dunman
Meridian (A) 8-1 Bedok South (B)
Bedok South (B) 0-4 Dunman
Meridian (A) 0-0 Methodist Girls’
Meridian (B) 3-1 Bedok South (B)
Methodist Girls’ 0-1 Dunman

Boys’ Preliminary Group Stages – 14 to 19 August
Top two in each group advance to Cup knockout stages, third-placed to Plate knockout stages and the final two teams to the Bowl group stages.
19 August
Group G
Jurongville (B) 3-0 Westwood
Dunearn 0-0 Jurongville (A)
Jurongville (A) 3-0 Westwood
Dunearn 2-2 Yuying
Yuying 3-0 Westwood
Jurongville (A) 2-3 Jurongville (B)
Dunearn 3-0 Westwood
Yuying 1-3 Jurongville (B)
Dunearn 2-2 Jurongville (B)
Yuying 0-2 Jurongville (A)

Group H
Kent Ridge C 0-10 Hua Yi
Regent 3-3 Bedok South (C)
Bedok South (C) 0-3 Hua Yi
Regent 0-3 Kent Ridge (B)
Kent Ridge (B) 1-3 Hua Yi
Bedok South (C) 7-1 Kent Ridge (C)
Regent 0-1 Hua Yi
Kent Ridge (B) 4-0 Kent Ridge (C)
Regent 2-0 Kent Ridge (C)
Kent Ridge (B) 2-1 Bedok South (C)

16 August
Group B
Bendemeer (Y) 4-1 Bendemeer (X)
Kent Ridge (A) 4-0 Broadrick
Broadrick 1-4 Bendemeer (X)
Kent Ridge (A) 0- Boon Lay
Boon Lay 3-0 Bendemeer (X)
Broadrick 0-3 Bendemeer (Y)
Kent Ridge 1-3 Bendemeer (X)
Boon Lay 2-2 Bendemeer (Y)
Kent Ridge (A) 0-3 Bendemeer (Y)
Boon Lay 7-0 Broadrick

Group F

Bendemeer (Z) 6-1 Seng Kang (B)
Meridian (C) 3-0 Bedok South (B)
Bedok South (B) 0-5 Seng Kang (B)
Meridian (C) 0-4 Guangyang
Guangyang 4-1 Seng Kang (B)
Bedok South (B) 0-6 Bendemeer (Z)
Meridian (C) 0-1 Seng Kang (B)
Guangyang 1-4 Bendemeer (Z)
Meridian (C) 0-1 Bendemeer (Z)
Guangyang 3-0 Bedok South (B)

15 August
Group E
Presbyterian High 0-4 Queensway (B)
Hougang (B) 1-1 Jurongville (C)
Jurongville (C) 0-2 Queensway (B)
Hougang (B) 1-0 School of Science and Technology (SSTS) (B)
SSTS (B) 0-2 Queensway (B)
Jurongville (C) 0-1 Presbyterian High
Hougang (B) 1-2 Queenway (B)
SSTS (B) 0-2 Presbyterian High
Hougang (B) 1-2 Presbyterian High
SSTS (B) 0-4 Jurongville (C)

14 August
Group A
Meridian (A) 8-1 Bedok South
Meridian (B) 2-1 St Patrick’s
Meridian (A) 3-0 Meridian (B)
Meridian (A) 4-1 Victoria School
Meridian (A) 4-3 St Patrick’s
Victoria School 4-0 Bedok South
St Patrick’s 4-0 Bedok South
St Patrick’s 0-2 Victoria School
Bedok South 0-8 Meridian (B)
Meridian (B) 3-1 Victoria SchoolGroup C
Hougang (A) 2-3 Queensway (A)
Assumption 1-2 Seng Kang (A)
Seng Kang (A) 0-7 Queensway (A)
Assumption 4-3 Bowen
Bowen 2-6 Queensway (A)
Seng Kang (A) 2-3 Hougang (A)
Assumption 2-4 Queensway (A)
Bowen 1-8 Hougang (A)
Assumption 2-2 Hougang (A)
Bowen 1-1 Seng Kang (A)
Group D
North Vista 3-0 School of Science and Technology (SSTS)
Spectra 4-3 Regent
Regent 1-3 SSTS
Spectra 0-5 Bartley
Bartley 4-0 SSTS
Regent 2-2 North Vista
Spectra 3-1 SSTS
Bartley 3-2 North Vista
Spectra 1-1 North Vista
Bartley 8-0 Regent