FAS ● Mar 29, 2021

Nominations for the Election of the FAS Council (2021 – 2025)


SINGAPORE, 29 MARCH 2021 – At the close of nominations today at 6pm for the election of the FAS Council (2021-2025), a total of one (1) application for the Slate contest (nine (9) positions) and eight (8) applications for the remaining six (6) Individual seats were received in good order. Please refer to the Annex below for the list of candidates.


Pursuant to Article 22.2 of the FAS Constitution, the Electoral Committee will now proceed to conduct the eligibility and integrity checks on all nominated personnel. Following these checks, a further announcement on the Final Official List of Candidates for the election of the FAS Council will be made at least ten (10) days prior to the FAS Extraordinary Congress 2021, scheduled for Wednesday 28 April 2021, during which the election of the FAS Council (2021 – 2025) will take place.



List of nominated candidates – Slate Basis for FAS Council

1. Name of Slate: TEAM LKT
Position Name
President Mr Lim Kia Tong
Deputy President Mr Bernard Richard Tan Kok Kiang
Vice President Mr Thavaneson Selvaratnam
Vice President Mr Teo Hock Seng
Vice President Mr Razali Bin Md Sa’ad
Vice President Mr Ben Teng Kian Jen
Council Member Dr Dinesh Nair
Council Member Mr Lionel Lewis
Council Member Mr Goh Tat Chuan


List of nominated candidates – Individual Basis for FAS Council

S/No Name (in alphabetical order)
1. Mr Arriola Ashley Christopher John
2. Mr Harman Bin Ali
3. Mr Lim Tong Hai
4. Mr Mohammad Darwin Bin Jalil
5. Mr Muhamed Rizal Bin Rasudin
6. Mr Muhammad Zaki Bin Ma’arof
7. Mr Romzi Bin Damiri
8. Ms Teo Chwee Lian Julie