FAS ● Jun 30, 2023



To Ordinary and Associate Members of the FAS,


A website has said that it will release a story tonight on what it says constitutes the SEA Games 2023 Review.


It may base its story on selective reports, which may have been leaked in full or verbally. This leak affects the integrity of the process of fact-finding and goes against the obligations of all involved to keep the information within for use of the FAS only. Currently, these reports are still in the process of being fact-checked and carry subjective opinions.  This in no way constitutes an accurate report. To be clear, the conclusions from the report, which will be released publicly, will draw from a much broader range of sources, including objective data from the games.


The story may seek to frame some observations in the reports as final and perhaps seek to assign blame to specific individuals, which was never the purpose of the review exercise.


As an important part of our community, I urge you not to react to the story and give it any credence.


Please be patient and wait for the final report as it is being finalised.


Thank you.




FAS General Secretariat