FAS ● Aug 24, 2021

Notice of 39th FAS Annual Congress 2021

  1. Pursuant to Article 29.2 Constitution of Football Association of Singapore (FAS), the Executive Committee of the FAS hereby calls for the 39th FAS Annual Congress on the date, time and place as indicated below:


Date: Saturday, 25 September 2021
Venue: Suntec City Convention & Exhibition Centre
1 Raffles Boulevard
Level 4, Hall 406
Singapore 039593
Registration: 9.00am to 9.45am
Close of registration: Registration shall close at 9.45am sharp
Commencement of proceedings: 10.00am


  1. Pursuant to Article 30.1 of the FAS Constitution, the FAS General Secretary shall, by no later than 15 September 2021, email to all FAS Ordinary and Associate members:


i. The agenda for the 39th FAS Annual Congress 2021;
ii. The FAS Activity Report 2020 – 2021;
iii. The Financial Statements and the Auditor’s Report;
iv. The names of the candidates for elections (if applicable);
v. Any other proposal submitted by the Ordinary Members or the FAS Executive Committee for which due notice has been given.


  1. Any Ordinary Member who wishes to submit a proposal for the Congress shall send to the FAS General Secretariat in writing (via email to [email protected]), with a brief explanation of the proposal, at least twenty (20) days before the date of the Congress, that is by 2359 hrs, Sunday, 5 September 2021.


  1. In view of the current restrictions with regards to the congregation of large numbers of people for any activity and the implementation of Safe Management Measures outlined by the Multi-Ministry Taskforce, the number of attendees in the venue on event day shall be restricted. In this regard, the FAS will only extend one (1) invitation to the Members who have fulfilled all membership requirements as of 15 March 2021. Ordinary Members shall be entitled to vote at this 39th FAS Annual Congress. It is mandatory for representatives of the Congress to be fully vaccinated (received 2nd dose & having completed 14 days observation period after) or show proof of a negative Antigen Rapid Test (ART) result (the ART must be valid until the end of the 39th FAS Annual Congress and must be taken at a Ministry of Health-certified ART practitioner; self-test kit results will NOT be valid for use of entry) in order to be able to attend this event.


  1. Pursuant to Articles 44, 46 and 49 of the FAS Constitution, the Elections of the Audit and Compliance Committee, Electoral Committee, Electoral Appeal Committee and Judicial Bodies namely the Disciplinary Committee, Ethics Committee and Appeal Committee shall be held at the 39th FAS Annual Congress (Refer to Annex A).


  1. While the FAS is unable to extend additional invitations to all Members to attend the 39th FAS Annual Congress physically, the proceedings of the event will be streamed live on the FAS YouTube Channel.


  1. We therefore invite all Members to nominate your representative by completing and returning the attached Proforma (Refer to Annex B) to the FAS General Secretariat via email to [email protected] by 2359hrs, Sunday, 5 September 2021.


  1. Kindly note the contents of Article 24 of the FAS Constitution:


S/No Article of the FAS  Constitution Description
1. 24.3 Each Ordinary Member shall have one delegate with the right to vote.
2. Only the delegates present are entitled to vote. Voting by proxy or by letter is not permitted.
3. 24.4 All voting delegates have to be at least 21 years of age.
4. 24.5 Delegates must belong to the Member that they represent and be appointed or elected by the appropriate body of that Member. They must also be able to produce evidence of this upon request.


  1. Please find the following for your reference and perusal:


i. FAS Annual Congress 2021 – Information on the Independent and Judicial Bodies Election (Annex A)
ii. FAS Annual Congress 2021 – Proforma (Annex B)
iii. FAS Annual Congress 2021 – Form 1A  – Nomination Form (Audit & Compliance Committee)
iv. FAS Annual Congress 2021 – Form 1B  – Nomination Form (Electoral & Electoral Appeal Committee)
v. FAS Annual Congress 2021 – Form 1C  – Nomination Form (Judicial Bodies)
vi. FAS Annual Congress 2021 – Form 2 – Declaration of Integrity
vii. FAS Annual Congress 2021- Step-by-step guide to Insolvency Result


10. We look forward to the submissions of the completed Proforma (Annex B) to the FAS General Secretariat via email to [email protected] by 2359hrs, Sunday, 5 September 2021.


Thank you.


Yours faithfully,



Yazeen Buhari

General Secretary