Coaching ● Jun 22, 2024

Part 2 of the 2024 FAS/AFC ‘A’ Diploma Coaching Course concluded



Lead Coach Developer Mr. Philippe Aw checking in with the external players with learning points, June 2024. 

– The Coach & Education Development Department recently concluded Part 2 of the 2024 FAS/AFC ‘A’ Diploma Coaching Course, held from 27 May to 1 June 2024 at Kallang Football Hub. This segment of the course proved to be an intensive and enriching experience for the 24 participants, including notable former Singapore internationals Fazrul Nawaz s/o Shahul Hameed, Indra Sahdan Bin Daud, and Mohammad Shahril Bin Ishak.


Under the expert guidance of Lead Coach Developer Mr. Philippe Aw and Assistant Coach Developer Mr. Subramani s/o Shunmugham, the course focused on advancing coaching skills tailored for amateur club and elite youth environments. The curriculum, based on andragogy learning principles, emphasized hands-on practical application and feedforward coaching techniques.


Participants engaged deeply with theoretical topics such as “Team Analysis”, “Team Building – Roles & Responsibilities”, and “Individual Development Plan”. Practical sessions led by participants explored defensive strategies including “Midfield Block Defending”, “Functions of Centre Back In Low Block Defending”, and “Defending Set-Plays”. These sessions were enriched by external players from Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School, Balestier Khalsa FC (U21), BG Tampines Rovers FC (U15), and others, enhancing realism and applicability.


FAS’s Senior Physiotherapist’s Ms. Nurhafizah Abu Sujad presenting on “Injury Prevention Processes”, June 2024. 


Guest presenters Mr. Muhammad Hidayat Osman from the National Youth Sports Institute and FAS’s Senior Physiotherapist’s Ms. Nurhafizah Abu Sujad shared insights on “Strength & Conditioning” and “Injury Prevention Processes”, enriching the course’s holistic approach.


Mr. Muhammad Hidayat Osman from the National Youth Sports Institute conducting a gym session for the participants, June 2024.


Reflecting on their experience, participants such as Nazir Bin Abdul Hamid found the course transformative, citing its blend of theory and practice as pivotal for their coaching development: “Part 2 of the 2024 FAS/AFC ‘A’ Diploma Coaching Course exceeded my expectations in every way. The blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application provided a solid foundation for my coaching methods. The modules are well-structured and the content is up-to-date with the latest coaching methodologies and strategies. The support from the CED Department and the experienced Coach Developers were outstanding, making it an enriching learning experience. This course is a game-changer for football coaches.”


Course participant Mohamed Dawood Bin Anuar giving instructions to players before his participant-led session, June 2024. 


Mohamed Dawood Bin Anuar appreciated the detailed discussions and individual feedback sessions, crucial for refining coaching methodologies: “The 2024 FAS/AFC ‘A’ Diploma Coaching Course (Part 2) has been a very fruitful experience.  Both our Coach Developers, Coach Philippe Aw and Coach Subramani, have conducted a week full of learning where we go into a lot of details in regards to various topics plus a lot of group work discussion. We ended the course by having an individual feedback session which I felt was important for my coaching development.”


Mohamad Rosman Bin Sulaiman highlighted the supportive learning environment and camaraderie among peers as instrumental in their growth: “I learned a lot, not only from the Coach Developers but also from fellow course participants. It was reassuring and a great stress reliever to know that we were allowed to make mistakes while learning. This environment of support and encouragement helped us all grow significantly since we started the course.”


Assistant Coach Developer Mr. Subramani with Coach Developer Mr. Aw with the participants, June 2024. 


Assistant Coach Developer Mr. Subramani s/o Shunmugham commended participants for their dedication and collaborative spirit, emphasizing the value of hands-on learning and constructive feedback in advancing coaching prowess: “There was good camaraderie among the course participants throughout this part, which they carried on from Part 1. Course participants were given opportunities to deliver defensive topic practical sessions with the help of external players to create reality-based training. They’ve gathered valuable feedback from us (Coach Developer) and fellow course participants during discussions to help them in their learning process.”


Looking ahead, participants will embark on Part 3 of the course, gaining practical experience at top amateur clubs or elite youth environments, culminating in presentations during Part 4 in September 2024.


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