Coaching ● Mar 07, 2018

Pre-Requisite Tests for Applicants of AFC ‘C’ Coaching Course


SINGAPORE, 7 MARCH 2018: The pre-requisite tests for the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) ‘C’ Coaching Certificate Course will be conducted on Saturday 10 March 2018, from 3pm to 7pm at Jalan Besar Stadium for participants interested in taking up the course.


Applicants interested in enrolling for the AFC ‘C’ Coaching Certificate Course will have to take the Pre-Requisite Theory test and Practical Skills test in Singapore at least four to six weeks before the start date of the course. Those who pass both tests will then be allocated a place in the next AFC ‘C’ Coaching Certificate course, subject to availability.


The AFC ‘C’ Coaching Certificate Course aims to develop coaches to train young players aged 10-13 and introduce coaches to basic coaching principles, methodologies, and processes.


* For further enquiries regarding the pre-requisites tests or AFC ‘C’ Coaching Certificate Course, kindly email [email protected] or call 68803178.