Referees ● Feb 02, 2017

Referee Assessors Staying Relevant in the Game


Referee Assessors Staying Relevant in the Game

Following the success of the Pre-Season Preparatory Workshops held for S.League and Prime League referees, the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) Referees Department held a similar workshop for all FAS referee assessors last Tuesday.

Well aware of the responsibility that referees bear on the pitch and the value of having referees stay relevant in the ever-evolving game, the Referees Department organised the three-hour workshop to prepare the referee assessors for the coming S.League and Prime League seasons, as well as the other national football tournaments.  

Referee assessors play a key role in supporting referees in achieving consistency and maintaining high standards of refereeing – both locally and internationally. Their advice enhances the referees’ growth in the art of refereeing, so it is vital for both referees and referee assessors to stay updated with the amended Laws of the Game which came into effect in June 2016.

FIFA/Asian Football Confederation Technical Instructor Mr John Chia was invited to conduct the workshop. He brought with him a wealth of experience from instructing in many parts of Asia, providing the referee assessors with insights on the latest concepts and developments in refereeing.

Mr Chia, who is also a former FIFA Assistant Referee, said: “The concept of refereeing is changing. It is now insufficient for the referees to only have technical knowledge of the Laws of the Game and a high level of fitness. They now also have to understand team tactics, key players and interpret the changes to the Laws of the Game in new ways in order to adapt to the modern football refereeing style.”

While the referees have been regularly updated on the amendments of the Laws of the Game, it is essential that the entire refereeing structure is coherent in their understanding of the Laws. The Referees Department’s initiative to facilitate the referee assessors in taking stock of the amended Laws was highly praised by the referee assessors, many of whom found the session an eye-opener.

Mr Haja Maidin, who has been a referee assessor for four years and previously a FIFA Assistant Referee, commented: “The session was valuable in aiding my understanding of the amendments to the Laws of the Game, and I am looking forward to the start of the new season to continue guiding referees in their development. I’m thankful to the FAS Referees Department for organising the workshop and inviting Mr John Chia to share his knowledge with us.”

Head of Referees Department Mr K. Visva Nathan said: “We are always looking at ways to enhance the capabilities of our Referees, Referee Assessors and Referee Instructors, who are required to understand and interpret the Laws of the Game alike. With such workshops, we update them on the latest changes and developments in refereeing which allows them to continually learn and grow to become better match officials. By focusing on the development of our Referees, Assessors and Instructors, we are able to maintain consistency and further our high standards of refereeing.”