FAS ● Feb 13, 2019

[CLOSED] RFQ: Sports Presentation Crew


SINGAPORE, 13 FEBRUARY 2019 – The Football Association of Singapore are currently in the process of seeking the services for the following to assist in match day presentation for the Singapore Premier League (SPL).

Interested parties should submit their quotations to FAS by 5pm, 20 February 2019 for the roles that they wish to fill throughout the season. The FAS will be assigning these roles to the contractors and will look to spread it out throughout the season. Queries on this Request for Quotation should be directed here.

1. Sound Engineer

The sound engineer will assist in operations of all sound systems that are currently installed at stadiums. The scope will cover but not be limited to:

  • the managing of the overall sound at stadiums
  • ensuring the sound is at an optimum level
  • ensuring the right channels are live at the appropriate times
  • ensuring all microphones have sufficeint battery

2. Video Playback Operator

The video playback operator will assist in operation of the in-stadium LED Screen as well as the LED Advertising boards in stadiums. The scope will cover but not be limited to:

  • Setting up of the video playback systems installed in stadiums
  • Ensuring all content for match day is loaded into the system
  • Triggering of all videos at appropriate times
  • Ensuring broadcast feed has been delivered into the system

3. Disc Jockey

The disc jockey will be responsible for the overall sound scapes presented to audiences at SPL matches. The scope will cover but not be limited to:

  • Preparation of appropriate music that fits with the overall feel of the SPL
  • Cueing and triggering of music at appropriate times
  • Playing of official music at pre-arranged times
  • Triggering of  in-match music (i.e goal stings)

4. Master of Ceremonies

The voice of the stadium, the master of ceremonies is the conductor to the audience and is responsible for keeping audiences entertained and engaged. The scope will cover but not be limited to:

  • Reading of all announcements including protocol scripts
  • Preparation of all match scripts per match day
  • Engaging the audience through crowd interaction segments
  • Interviewing of players
  • Hosting of on-camera segments