Coaching ● Mar 14, 2022

Lead Coach Developer Robert Sherman provides feedback to participants ahead of FAS/AFC ‘Pro’ Diploma Coaching Course (Part 4B)


Mr Robert Sherman interacting with Participants of the FAS/AFC Pro Diploma Coaching Course, 9 March 2022

The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) is delighted to welcome Mr Robert Sherman, the Lead Coach Developer for the FAS/AFC Pro Diploma Coaching Course, to our shores earlier last week.


It was the Welshman’s first time in Singapore as he was unable to travel here previously due to COVID-19 restrictions, despite having helmed the course since the first module in May 2021. Mr Sherman, who holds a UEFA Pro License and has 43 years of coaching experience, had been conducting the course via virtual means since then.



However, he was finally able to make it to Singapore this time to link up with the FAS Coach Education and Development (CED) department ahead of Part 4B of the course, which is set to run from 20 to 24 March. The second and third modules had been concluded in June and September last year respectively, while Part 4A was conducted in December 2021.


Mr Sherman decided to arrive ahead of time to meet up with the participants last week at the Jalan Besar Stadium and was able to provide them with feedback regarding the tasks that they had submitted. This was appreciated by the participants, who were able to take onboard useful tips before commencing Part 4B of the course.



Tanjong Pagar United Head Coach Hasrin Jailani told “I felt that his insight on the assignments that we have done was useful, so that I can know whether I am moving in the right direction. It definitely helps that he provided information that we might have missed during our task submission, so we can use them in the future.” Yeong Sheau Shyan, Head Coach of Lion City Sailors’ Women’s added: “Robert gave us individual feedback on the development of our coaching portfolios. He identified areas that we needed to consider in more information and gave us suggestions on how we can implement them with our teams.” Tampines Rovers Head Coach Gavin Lee said: “It was great to have Robert here finally so that we were able to receive direct feedback from him… The feedback from him was an important part of the learning process and definitely very helpful for us.”



FAS Head (CED) Zainudeen Hassan was pleased to be able to welcome Mr Sherman in person and believes that the presence of the former Technical Director at Wales, New Zealand and Australia will enhance the participants’ learning later this month.


“It was great to see Robert in person after the long COVID-19 disruptions,” he said. “He took a personal interest to come here two weeks before the commencement of Part 4B, which will be run face-to-face at Jalan Besar Stadium from 20 to 24 March.  He will also be visiting AIA Singapore Premier League (SPL) games and the participants’ training sessions with their respective clubs as he continues to follow up with our coaches. We are grateful to Robert for taking a personal interest in the development of our coaches.”


Following Part 4B later this month, participants will then continue with Part 5 from 30 May to 3 June before ending with Part 6, which entails an overseas trip; details of this are still being worked out.




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