Coaching ● Dec 13, 2023

Second part of 2023 FAS/AFC ‘B’ Diploma (SG-Coach Level 2 Full Integration) Coaching Course concluded


23 participants took part in the second part of the course, November 2023.


SINGAPORE, 13 DECEMBER 2023 – The Coach Education and Development Department has recently concluded the second part of the 2023 FAS/AFC ‘B’ Diploma (SG-Coach Level 2 Full Integration) Coaching Course at Choa Chu Kang Stadium from 20 to 22 November and 27 to 29 November 2023. The course, specifically designed for ActiveSG Football Academy coaches, witnessed the active participation of 23 individuals under the guidance of Lead Coach Developer Mr. Loh Ngiap Tai and Assistant Coach Developer Mr. Abdul Musawir Bin Abdul Gany.



Structured across three segments—Pre-Course, In-Course, and Post-Course—Part 2 marked the second installment of the In-Course segment. This phase comprised four parts, with this part focusing on theoretical discussions centered around “Communication Skills” and practical sessions honing in on the art of “Defending”.


Lead Coach Developer Mr. Loh Ngiap Tai presenting on “Communication Skills”, November 2023. 



A significant highlight was the course participants undertaking their first practical assessment, capturing valuable moments through video and audio recordings. External players from Fuchun Secondary School lent their expertise, creating realistic scenarios to enhance the practical assessments.



Emmeric Ong Yu Min in a practical session, November 2023. 



Mr. Ong Yu Min Emmeric, a course participant and coach at ActiveSG Football Academy Hougang Centre, shared his experience: “As a participant in this course, I felt that the Coach Developers are very engaging and knowledgeable. The course is structured so there are many opportunities for course participants to lead the practical sessions, which I felt we learn faster that way. I’m looking forward to applying what I’ve learned so far in an environment with players aged 15 years old and above, getting feedback from the mentor coach, and improving myself as a coach. I can’t wait to link up with my fellow course participants and Coach Developers in Part 4 to share my work/mentoring experiences and learn from each other’s mistakes and improve.”



As participants transition to Part 3—the Work/Mentoring Experience—they will be paired with mentors holding at least an FAS/AFC ‘A’ Diploma or equivalent. This hands-on phase will see coaches working with players aged 15 years and above, bridging the gap between theory and practical application.



Mr. Sargunan s/o Ilangovan in a feedback session, November 2023. 



Mr. Sargunan s/o Ilangovan, another course participant and coach at ActiveSG Football Academy Beatty Centre, expressed his anticipation for the upcoming phase: “In Part 2, there were ample opportunities for us to work in teams to design and lead participant-led practical sessions based on the assigned topics with the inputs of both Coach Developers. Individually, we also had our first practical assessment with the aid of video and audio recordings. Through the recordings, we’re able to identify the areas for improvement with the feedback given by the Coach Developers. I’m really excited about the upcoming part 3 where I’ll be attached to a mentor coach, who is a FAS/AFC ‘A’ Diploma or equivalent holder. I’ll have the chance to put into practice the learning over an extended period with a group of youths. It also gives me a realistic experience of coaching in an environment with players who are 15 years old and above under the guidance of my mentor coach.”



With Part 4 of the In-Course segment scheduled for June 2024, participants are eager to reconvene, sharing their work/mentoring experiences and collectively learning from each other’s successes and challenges.



Lead Coach Developer Mr. Loh Ngiap Tai expressed his best wishes to the participants for the upcoming phase: “The next phase of training will see the commencement of the Work/Mentoring Experience. This phase marks a critical juncture where theoretical knowledge converges with practical application with guidance from experienced Mentors. I wish all participants a fruitful and insightful experience as they embark on this integral segment of their coaching journey. May this hands-on phase contribute significantly to their growth as a coach.”




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