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Singapore to begin third round of FIFAe Nations Play-Ins on 10 March



SINGAPORE, 9 MARCH 2022 – Singapore will look to cement its chances of qualifying for the FIFAe Nations Playoff 2022 (FENOP2022) as they go into the third round of play-ins happening from 10 to 11 March 2022. Should the team make it through the playoff, they will be one of 24 teams from across the globe to compete in the FIFAe Nations Cup 2022.


The team can qualify for the FENOP2022 by either securing first place in Division 1 of the play-ins after the fourth round or by having the highest Consistency Points (CPs) in the Asia and Oceania region. CPs are given to all teams after each match week and is determined by the division they are in and their standing within the division.


Breakdown of CPs allocation

Finishing in Division 1 each week gives teams a multiplication factor (MF) of 20 while finishing in Division 2 gives teams a MF of 10.


Position Division 1 Division 2
1 15 X (20) 15 X (10)
2 12 X (20) 12 X (10)
3 10 X (20) 10 X (10)
4 8 X (20) 8 X (10)
5 6 X (20) 6 X (10)


Should they fail to meet either criterion, the team still stand a chance to qualify for the play-offs via another round of online qualifiers which will be held from 19 May to 21 May 2022.


After winning and losing three matches each and drawing a further two matches in the second round of play-ins, Singapore has the fifth highest CPs. Singapore also finished third in Division 1 and will remain so for this round of qualifiers.


Current Consistency Rankings in the Asia and Oceania Region

Image credits: FIFAe


As the country’s top-ranking players in the popular video game FIFA22, Amraan Gani, Muhammad Syakir, and Ahmad Sufian have been selected by the Football Association of Singapore to represent Singapore.


Both Amraan and Syakir previously helped Singapore to qualify for the FIFAe Nations Series for the first-time last year and all three players were scheduled to represent Singapore in the finals of the competition in Denmark. Unfortunately, the competition was cancelled due to the global Covid-19 pandemic.


In this round of online qualifiers, the trio will be facing off against their counterparts from Australia, India, Hong Kong, and Malaysia. Singapore is currently ranked world number 21st in the FIFAe Rankings, which is higher than both Australia and Hong Kong but lower than India and Malaysia, who are ranked in 19th and 4th place respectively.


Third round of play-ins fixtures

Date Match Time
10 March 2022 Singapore vs India 5.55pm
Singapore vs Hong Kong 6.50pm
11 March 2022 Australia vs Singapore 5.00pm
Malaysia vs Singapore 5.55pm


During each matchup, teams will play two games to earn a maximum of six points. Each game will be played as a 2v2, with each athlete on separate Sony Playstation 5 consoles.


Ahmad said: “It was a pity that we couldn’t compete in the Nations Series last year in Denmark due to Covid-19. In a way, we are all extra motivated to do well and qualify for this year’s Nations Cup as a result.


“We have been working hard everyday to improve on our coordination and tactics. We need to be more consistent in our performances and finish off our opponents. In the previous round, we did not earn the maximum of six points in all our matches so that is our aim going into this round of qualifiers.”




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Singapore results in round two of play-ins

Match Round 1 Round 2 Points Earned
Indonesia vs Singapore 0-3 1-0 3
Singapore vs India 6-4 1-1 4
Singapore vs Japan 1-2 3-2 3
Australia vs Singapore 2-1 2-2 1


Teams competing in the Asian and Oceania region

Division 1 Division 2
Australia Japan
India Indonesia
Singapore Korea Republc
Malaysia New Zealand
Hong Kong


The order in each division is based on the team’s CPs. After each round, the bottom two teams from Division 1 will be relegated to Division 2 and will be replaced by the top two teams from Division 2.