Referees ● Nov 03, 2017

Students See from Referees’ Viewpoint for a Change


Students See from Referees’ Viewpoint for a Change

The Football Association of Singapore Referees Department paid a visit to Jurongville Secondary School to give 17 students from the football co-curricular activity (CCA) a taster of what it is like being a match official at a Junior Refereeing Workshop on Tuesday 31 October 2017.

Secondary 2 and 3 CCA members were introduced to the Laws of the Game and were also given the opportunity to try their hand at being an Assistant Referee during a practical session.

Secondary 2 student Muhammad Hanif reflected that after the workshop, he was able to gain a deeper appreciation of the role of referee.

“I liked the practical session during the workshop where we had the chance to experience the role of the Assistant Referee in actual match situations and to understand making split-second decisions in the game is not easy,” he explained.

Former Asian Football Confederation Elite Referee Abdul Malik, one of the two workshop instructors, was effusive in his praise for the participants, pointing out that they were very attentive and participated actively throughout the workshop. They also displayed talent when on the pitch during the practical exercises.

Aimed at equipping the players with the basic knowledge and competency of refereeing in order for them to officiate at their intra-school or friendly matches, the FAS Referees Department also hoped that they would be able to instil in the boys an interest in match officiating.

Like many boys at that age, most of them wished to focus on playing football. However, after being given a peek into match officiating, participants were receptive to taking up the Referees Basic Course when they are of age. The minimum age of participants in the Course is 16 years.

Mr Almumin Ehsan, the Football CCA teacher-in-charge expressed his appreciation to the Department, in particular the workshop instructors Abdul Malik and Muhammad Taqi Aljaafari bin Jahari for conducting the workshop.

Thanking the two instructors, he said: “It was a fruitful session conducted by the two experienced referees. We were privileged to have both Mr Malik and Mr Taqi as the instructors because both are knowledgeable and they were able to engage the boys for the session. Their expertise in the area was shown where they were able to answer complicated questions and their warmth was felt by the boys.”