FAS ● Aug 05, 2019

Tanjong Katong and Haig Girls’ are U10 champions at Inter-School Futsal Challenge 2019


SINGAPORE, 5 AUGUST 2019 – Tanjong Katong Primary School and Haig Girls’ School were crowned Under-10 champions of the Singapore Pools-Football Association of Singapore (FAS) Inter-School Futsal Challenge (ISFC) 2019 on Monday afternoon at the OCBC Arena.

Tanjong Katong beat White Sands Primary to win the boys’ trophy, while Haig Girls’ saw off Yangzheng Primary to claim the girls’ crown – the first time a girls’ event has been introduced in this tournament.

FAS President, Mr Lim Kia Tong, was on hand to present the prizes to the top four teams from each of the boys’ Cup, Plate and Bowl categories, as well as the top four girls’ teams.

The final day was the culmination of the second edition of the ISFC, which got underway on 15 July at five primary schools across the island. A total of 40 boys’ teams and five girls’ teams took part in the U-10 category.

Congratulations to the winners and well done to all participants!

The full list of results can be found below.

Boys’ finals (Cup, Plate and Bowl) – 5 August
Champions: Tanjong Katong
Runners-up: White Sands
Third: Clementi
Fourth: Rosyth
*Clementi beat Rosyth 3-1 in third/fourth-placing match

Champions: Casuarina
Runners-up: Geylang Methodist
Third: West Grove
Fourth: Ngee Ann
*West Grove beat Ngee Ann 3-2 in third/fourth-placing match

Champions: Palm View
Runners-up: Meridian
Third: Cedar
Fourth: Rivervale
*Cedar beat Rivervale 1-0 in third/fourth-placing match

Girls’ semi-finals and final – 5 August
Champions: Haig Girls’
Runners-up: Yangzheng
Champions: Telok Kurau
Runners-up: Ngee Ann
*Telok Kurau beat Ngee Ann 1-0

Boys’ semi-finals (Cup, Plate and Bowl) – 29 July

Girls’ Group Stages – 23 July to 25 July
Round 123 July
Admiralty 0-7 Haig Girls’
Ngee Ann 0-4 Yangzheng
Yangzheng 2-0 Admiralty
Haig Girls’ 10-1 Telok Kurau
Telok Kurau 0-9 Yangzheng
Round 2 – 25 July
Admiralty 1-1 Ngee Ann
Ngee Ann 2-2 Telok Kurau
Yangzheng 0-2 Haig Girls’
Haig Girls’ 4-0 Ngee Ann
Telok Kurau 2-0 Admiralty
Qualified for semi-finals: Haig Girls’, Yangzheng, Telok Kurau and Ngee Ann

Boys’ Cup Quarter-finals – 24 July
Clementi 5-3 Compassvale
Fuhua 0-2 White Sands
Rosyth 2-2 Telok Kurau (Rosyth win 3-1 on penalties)
Tanjong Katong 3-2 Dazhong

Boys’ Plate Challenge – 24 July
Top two from each group qualifies to Plate semi-finals to be played on 29 July at Casuarina Primary School.

Group A
Yumin 4-2 Lakeside
West Grove 1-0 Horizon
Ngee Ann 3-2 Yumin
Lakeside 1-2 West Grove
Horizon 1-4 Ngee Ann
Yumin 2-5 West Grove
Lakeside 3-2 Horizon
Ngee Ann 1-4 West Grove
Yumin 2-2 Horizon
Lakeside 0-1 Ngee Ann
Qualified for next round: West Grove and Ngee Ann

Group B
Zhenghua 5-2 Nan Chiau
Geylang Methodist 2-0 Shuqun
Shuqun 0-1 Zhenghua
Nan Chiau 1-4 Casuarina
Casuarina 5-1 Shuqun
Zhenghua 2-1 Geylang Methodist
Geylang Methodist 5-0 Casuarina
Shuqun 1-2 Nan Chiau
Nan Chiau 1-2 Geylang Methodist
Casuarina 3-1 Zhenghua
Qualified for next round: Geylang Methodist and Casuarina

Boys’ Bowl Challenge – 24 July
Top two from each group qualifies to Bowl semi-finals to be played on 29 July at Casuarina Primary School.

Group A
Princess Elizabeth 0-4 Palm View
Palm View 2-2 Yishun
Princess Elizabeth 0-3 Meridian
Yishun 2-1 Princess Elizabeth
Meridian 8-0 Yishun
Palm View 1-5 Meridian
Qualified for next round: Meridian and Palm View

Group B
Bedok Green 0-3
Cedar 2-2 Rivervale
Bedok Green 1-1 Punggol Cove
Rivervale 2-0 Bedok Green
Punggol Cove 3-2 Rivervale
Cedar 3-2 Punggol Cove
Qualified for next round: Cedar and Rivervale

Boys’ Cup Challenge – 22 July
Top two from each group qualifies to Cup quarter-finals to be played on 24 July at Cedar Primary School.

Group A
Telok Kurau 9-4 River Valley
Clementi 4-3 Nanyang
Nanyang 4-3 River Valley
Telok Kurau 4-1 Fuchun
Nanyang 3-0 Fuchun
Clementi 4-1 River Valley
Clementi 8-0 Fuchun
Nanyang 5-5 Telok Kurau
Telok Kurau 2-3 Clementi
Fuchun 0-3 River Valley
Qualified for next round: Clementi and Telok Kurau

Group B
Xingnan 1-2 Fuhua
Dazhong 3-1 Jurong West
Fuhua 7-1 Tampines North
Jurong West 1-4 Xingnan
Tampines North 5-3 Jurong West
Xingnan 1-2 Dazhong
Jurong West 5-1 Fuhua
Dazhong 1-0 Tampines North
Tampines North 0-0 Xingnan
Fuhua 5-4 Dazhong
Qualified for next round: Fuhua and Dazhong

Group C
Montfort 0-2 Rosyth
Compassvale 3-0 Yangzheng
Yangzheng 3-5 Montfort
Rosyth 5-4 Seng Kang
Seng Kang 3-2 Yangzheng
Montfort 1-1 Compassvale
Compassvale 5-2 Seng Kang
Yangzheng 2-4 Rosyth
Rosyth 2-1 Compassvale
Seng Kang 5-3 Montfort
Qualified for next round: Rosyth and Compassvale

Group D
White Sands 8-0 Admiralty
Tanjong Katong 4-1 Woodlands Ring
Woodlands Ring 1-5 White Sands
Admiralty 3-2 East Spring
East Spring 3-2 Woodlands Ring
White Sands 0-2 Tanjong Katong
Tanjong Katong 3-2 East Spring
Woodlands Ring 2-2 Admiralty
Admiralty 0-7 Tanjong Katong
East Spring 0-6 White Sands
Qualified for next round: Tanjong Katong and White Sands

Boys’ Preliminary Group Stages – 15 to 19 July
Group A
Cedar 1-1 River Valley
River Valley 4-1 Clementi
Cedar 1-3 Zhenghua
Clementi 5-1 Cedar
Zhenghua 4-4 Clementi
River Valley 6-1 Zhenghua
Qualified for Cup: River Valley, Clementi
Qualified for Plate: Zhenghua
Qualified for Bowl: Cedar

Group B
Nanyang 3-1 Telok Kurau
Telok Kurau 5-3 Palm View
Nanyang 5-1 Geylang Methodist
Palm View 1-3 Nanyang
Geylang Methodist 4-3 Palm View
Telok Kurau 2-1 Geylang Methodist
Qualified for Cup: Nanyang, Telok Kurau
Qualified for Plate: Geylang Methodist
Qualified for Bowl: Palm View

Group C
Woodlands Ring 5-4 Admiralty
Admiralty 5-2 Shuqun
Woodlands Ring 7-0 Yishun
Shuqun 2-6 Woodlands Ring
Yishun 2-4 Shuqun
Admiralty 8-4 Yishun
Qualified for Cup: Woodlands Ring, Admiralty
Qualified for Plate: Shuqun
Qualified for Bowl: Yishun

Group D
Fuchun 0-6 Seng Kang
Fuchun 1-0 Nan Chiau
Seng Kang 5-1 Nan Chiau
Qualified for Cup: Seng Kang, Fuchun
Qualified for Plate: Nan Chiau
*Chua Chu Kang withdrew

Group E
Meridian 2-11 White Sands
White Sands 3-2 Tanjong Katong
Casuarina 4-1 Meridian
Tanjong Katong 6-1 Casuarina
Meridian 1-7 Tanjong Katong
White Sands 7-1 Casuarina
Qualified for Cup: White Sands, Tanjong Katong
Qualified for Plate: Casuarina
Qualified for Bowl: Meridian

Group F
Tampines North 2-1 Yumin
Tampines North 1-2 East Spring
Yumin 4-1 Bedok Green
East Spring 2-1 Yumin
Bedok Green 4-7 East Spring
Tampines North 6-0 Bedok Green
Qualified for Cup: East Spring, Tampines North
Qualified for Plate: Yumin
Qualified for Bowl: Bedok Green

Group G
Princess Elizabeth 1-7 Xingnan
Xingnan 10-4 Lakeside
Princess Elizabeth 0-7 Dazhong
Lakeside 4-2 Princess Elizabeth
Dazhong 6-0 Lakeside
Xingnan 1-1 Dazhong
Qualified for Cup: Dazhong, Xingnan
Qualified for Plate: Lakeside
Qualified for Bowl: Princess Elizabeth

Group H
Jurong West 3-1 West Grove
Fuhua 5-1 West Grove
Jurong West 4-6 Fuhua
Qualified for Cup: Fuhua, Jurong West
Qualified for Plate: West Grove
*Bukit View withdrew

Group I
Montfort 1-2 Compassvale
Compassvale 4-0 Horizon
Montfort 4-0 Rivervale
Horizon 1-4 Montfort
Rivervale 3-4 Horizon
Compassvale 6-0 Rivervale
Qualified for Cup: Compassvale, Montfort
Qualified for Plate: Horizon
Qualified for Bowl: Rivervale

Group J
Ngee Ann 1-3 Yangzheng
Yangzheng 2-1 Punggol Cove
Ngee Ann 0-5 Rosyth
Punggol Cove 2-5 Ngee Ann
Rosyth 6-1 Punggol Cove
Yangzheng 1-6 Rosyth
Qualified for Cup: Rosyth, Yangzheng
Qualified for Plate: Ngee Ann
Qualified for Bowl: Punggol Cove