Press Releases ● Feb 19, 2017

Three Schools To Participate In Girls ‘B’ Division Championship For The First Time



SINGAPORE, 19 FEBRUARY 2017: The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) today announced that the Singapore Schools Sports Council (SSSC)/ FAS National Inter-School Football Championship ‘B’ Division Girls 2017 will be held from 20 February to 27 March, and will be contested by 12 schools. Meridian, Bukit Merah and Dunman Secondary Schools will be participating in the Championships for the first time.

Ms Julie Teo, General Manager, Grassroots and Women’s Football remarked: “We are delighted to see that more schools are taking part in the girls’ inter-school competitions – we also had two new schools join the Primary Schools Senior Girls’ Football Championships this year. This is an encouraging indication of the increasing popularity of football among girls, and we will continue our efforts to encourage more girls to pick up the sport.”

The teams, made up of Secondary 3 and 4 girls, are split into Group A and B and will play in a round-robin format. They will play 11-a-side matches on Mondays and Fridays at 3.00pm and 4.30pm, with postponed matches to be played on Wednesdays. Each half will last 35 minutes with a 10-minute break in between.

The semi-finals will be held on Monday, 20 March at 3.00pm and 5.00pm. The third place play-off and the final will then be held on the following Monday, 27 March at 3.00pm and 5.00pm respectively. These four matches will be held at Serangoon Stadium.

Please see below the fixtures for the SSSC/FAS National Inter-School Football Championship ‘B’ Division Girls 2017:

Group A Group B
Bowen Secondary School Queensway Secondary School
Woodlands Secondary School Hong Kah Secondary School
Deyi Secondary School Meridian Secondary School
Methodist Girls’ School Northlight Secondary School
Bukit Merah Secondary School Greenview Secondary School
Whitley Secondary School Dunman Secondary School


A 20 February 2017


3:00pm Deyi Bowen Woodlands Secondary School
4.30pm Woodlands Bukit Merah
B 3:00pm Northlight Dunman Queensway Secondary School
4.30pm Meridian Queensway
3:00pm Hong Kah Greenview Greenview Secondary School
A 24 February 2017


3:00pm Bowen Bukit Merah Bowen Secondary School
4:30pm Deyi Whitley Woodlands Secondary School
3.00pm Woodlands Methodist Girls’
B 3:00pm Hong Kah Northlight Queensway Secondary School
4.30pm Queensway Greenview
3:00pm Meridian Dunman Meridian Secondary School
A 27 February 2017


3:00pm Bukit Merah Deyi Woodlands Secondary School
4.30pm Whitley Woodlands
3:00pm Bowen Methodist Girls’ Bowen Secondary School
B 3:00pm Dunman Hong Kah Greenview Secondary School
4.30pm Greenview Meridian
3:00pm Queensway Northlight Queensway Secondary School
A 3 March 2017


3:00pm Methodist Girls’ Bukit Merah Woodlands Secondary School
4.30pm Woodlands Deyi
3:00pm Whitley Bowen Serangoon Stadium
B 3:00pm Hong Kah Meridian Queensway Secondary School
4.30pm Dunman Queensway
3:00pm Northlight Greenview Greenview Secondary School
A 6 March 2017


3:00pm Bukit Merah Whitley Serangoon Stadium
3:00pm Deyi Methodist Girls’ Bowen Secondary School
4.30pm Bowen Woodlands
B 3:00pm Meridian Northlight Greenview Secondary School
4.30pm Greenview Dunman
3:00pm Queensway Hong Kah Queensway Secondary School
A 8 March 2017


3:00pm Methodist Girls’ Whitley Jalan Besar Stadium



20 March 2017


3.00pm Group A Winner Group B Runner-Up Serangoon Stadium
5.00pm Group B Winner Group A Runner-Up

Third Place Play-off

27 March 2017


3.00pm Loser SF1 Loser SF2 Serangoon Stadium


27 March 2017


5.00pm Winner SF1 Winner SF2

Serangoon Stadium

*Fixtures are subject to change.