SPL ART Test Pilot -Tampines Rovers vs Geylang International (5 December 2020)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are Antigen Rapid Tests (ARTs)?
Antigen rapid tests are point-of-care tests that look for antigens, or proteins, found on the surface of the virus. The ARTs involve a nasal swab on the lower part of the nose and can yield fairly accurate results quickly within 30 minutes.

2. Why is the ART a requirement?
While safe management measures prevent an infected patient in the venue from transmitting the virus, the ARTs reduce the probability that an infected person might enter the venue, lowering the chances of clusters forming.

3. What is the cost of the ARTs?
There will be no cost to fans for the administration of the ARTs under this test pilot with the Ministry of Health (MOH).

4. Where and when will the ARTs be administered?
All ARTs will be administered on-site at the venue on match day, across three different timeslots. Fans will have the option of picking their preferred timeslot (subject to availability), with the first timeslot starting at 2.15pm and the last timeslot beginning at 4.15pm.

5. How do I select a timeslot that is suitable for me?
Fans will need to select their preferred option from a list of available timeslots during the ticket purchase process.

6. Where and how can I buy tickets for the event?
All tickets will need to be purchased online via Online ticket sales will cease on 5 December 2020, 4.00pm. There will be no on-site sale of tickets on match day.

7. What can I expect from the ART process on match day?
Fans will first be asked for their tickets to be verified at the point of entry, after which the ART will be administered. Fans will then be moved to a holding area within the premises to wait for the test results. No movement out of the holding area will be permitted before their test results are ready, which would take approximately 30 minutes.

8. What will happen if I am late for my selected timeslot?
Fans are reminded to be punctual for their selected timeslot for a smooth entry experience on match day. Latecomers may be denied entry into the venue.

9. What happens if the ART results turns out positive?
Fans will be moved to an isolation zone within the premises following a positive ART result where a confirmatory PCR test will be conducted.

10. What should I bring along on match day?
Match tickets and any form of government-issued identification (NRIC/Passport) for verification.

11. Am I allowed to exit and re-enter the venue at any time on match day?
Fans will be allowed to leave premises once after the ART test is completed. There will be no re-entry allowed after the match kicks-off.

12. Am I able to purchase more than five (5) tickets?
No. In line with government regulations, gatherings of more than five people are not allowed.

13. Am I allowed to bring in food and beverages (F&B) into the venue?
In line with security and safe management measures, no F&B is permitted within the premises.

14. How do I get a refund for my tickets?
Refunds will be allowed for fans that test positive on the ART. For refund enquiries, please email [email protected]