Women's ● Nov 27, 2007

Women’s Premier League and Youth League 2008 registration information


The FAS Women’s Premier League aims to get bigger and better next year, when the competition format will be revamped to consist of a home & away league, followed by a knock-out tournament.  This will provide women footballers more matches over a longer playing season.

Invitations are now open for participation in the FAS Women’s Premier League / Knock-out season 2008:

FAS Women’s Premier League/Knock-out

Season – February to July 2008 (Home & Away League); October to November 2008 (Knock-out)

Register max 25 players

Participation fee: $642.00 (incl GST)

Tertiary institutions, Polytechnics, ITE (Institute of Technical Education) teams, International Schools and even JC (Junior College) teams are also invited to participate in a youth competition for Under-23 players in the later part of the year:

FAS Women’s Youth League/Knock-out

Season – August to September 2008 (single-round league); Oct to November 2008 (Knock-out)

Register max 25 players

Participation fee: $321.00 (incl GST)

Confirmation of participation for the FAS Women’s Premier League is 15 December 2007. For registrations and enquiries, please contact FAS Competitions Dept at 68803122.

All teams interested to participate in the above FAS events must be registered with the Registry of Societies and affiliated as an Ordinary Member with FAS, before 29 December 2007.

Tournament rules can be downloaded HERE, while a copy of the registration form can be downloaded HERE.