Training Tips

Training requires inspiration and animation. These inner driving forces determine both how fast a player develops and what level he reaches. Optimal use must therefore be made of the vitality of the young and they must be given a sufficient taste of success so that they become involved heart and soul. Technically creative action gives any footballer a wonderful feeling and is highly stimulating.


In the initial phase training should be technical. Players must learn as many Basic Moves as possible. It will enable him to:

  • Create excellent ball and body control
  • Perform successful movement with the ball
  • Keep ball possession under pressure
  • Trick and outwit the opponent
  • Make openings
  • Solve countless difficult situations during the game
  • Win situation 1 v 1
  • Dominate the game
  • Prepare for learning complex football techniques
  • Feel success
The player can master Basic Moves if he learns how to:

Push the ball with:

  • a) Inside of the foot
  • b) Outside of the foot
  • c) Instep of the foot

Stop the ball with:

  • d) Inside of the foot
  • e) Outside of the foot
  • f) Sole of the foot

Step on the ball with:

  • a) Sole of the foot

Step over the ball:

  • a) Inwards
  • b) Outwards

Drag the ball:

  • a)    In front
  • b)    Back

Roll the ball with:

  • a) Inside of the instep
  • b) Outside of the instep

These entire movement player must train to do with both legs.

Successful players can combine Basic Moves and create actions which will give them benefit, advantage and win in the end.


The best exercises for ball and body feeling are juggling exercises. Ball juggling exercises can be trained with all body parts which are relevant, important and involved in football game:

  • Foot
  • Thigh
  • Chest
  • Shoulder
  • Head
When players practice these exercises they improve many important elements of football skills at the same time:
  • Ball touch
  • Ball and body feeling
  • Muscle tension appropriate for certain action
  • Body position
  • Accuracy of action
Juggling exercises are very good way to train different physical abilities together with technique. These abilities are:
  • Coordination
  • Flexibility
  • Balance
  • Suppleness
  • Agility
Mental aspect of training ball juggling exercises is also very important. These exercises can be very:
  • Challenging(skill test)
  • Improve mood before or during the training
  • Self confidence raising with juggling improvement
  • Relaxing
  • Gives feel of success
There are many reasons to train juggling exercises because:
  • Juggling exercises prepare good base to train technique elements
  • Master technique elements helping in decision making
  • Excellent decision making raise individual performance
  • Individual performance gives advantage to the team
  • Better team wins the game

Juggling should be introduced to players at a young age. It can start with simple juggling for the lowest age group and moving on to more complex exercises for the older age groups. In view of our National Skills Test, we have categorized juggling into six levels to prepare the respective age groups.

They are as follows:

Age Group Level Sequence
Under 8 1 Free
Under 10 2 Any part of the body (non-sequential)
Under 12 3 Foot/thigh (one touch each time) Thigh/head (one touch each time)
Under 14 4 Instep/inside of the foot (one touch each time) Inside/outside of the foot (one touch each time)
Under 16 5 Instep/thigh/head/thigh (one touch each time)
Under 18 6 Instep/thigh/shoulder/head/shoulder/thigh/instep
(completing in full circle using both sides of the body with one touch each time)