Replies to Media ● Dec 17, 2014

FAS’ Reply to Media Query on Funding for S.League Clubs


The restructuring of the Great Eastern-Yeo’s S.League into a 10-club league next season will allow more funding to be given to the remaining eight local-based clubs.

This increase in funding will help them to build stronger squads, which we hope will also result in a more competitive League. More importantly, it will also assist them in managing the rising costs of stadium rentals, field maintenance and stadium licensing.

Some clubs have also indicated the desire to register bigger squads which will enable them to compete more effectively next season. This is welcome news to us.

The new budget was given to the clubs a month ago and the S.League is confident that there will be ample time for the clubs in turn to project their next season’s budget as the period for player registration is from 5 January 2015 to 27 March 2015.

Finally, the suspension of the Marquee Player Scheme (MPS) has much to do with the continually rising costs of club operations. The rise in costs makes it very challenging to sustain the MPS. We are confident though that the increase in funding will allow clubs to make better foreign signings.